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Le Marécage Noir: The Black Bayou

Known as the 'Black Bayou,' Marécage Noir is a series of wetlands on the north western tip of Fizzytopia, which includes marshes, swamps, and even a thicket of mangroves which stand between Marécage Noir and the coastline. A wide variety of Pokémon call the relatively untamed wilderness home, while a city stands at the heart of it all, known far and wide as a bastion of revelry and sin.

La Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs - The City of Jesters and Thieves
The City of Jesters and Thieves, as it has come to be known, is a place of celebration and a place of woe. Often alight with festivals, the city is a place where good food, good drink, and fine company can easily be found. Be wary, however: there is no shortage of crime here. Pickpockets and thieves roam the streets looking for easy marks. Gamblers and con artists are eager to take the unsuspecting for all that they have. Perhaps because of the constant excitement and trickery, Psychic Pokémon gather here, feeding on the energy of winners and losers alike. The constant excitement is enough to turn anyone on their head. Will you try your luck here, at la Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs? Please reply in Goldenrod.
The Black Bayou was a pretty infamous place for most people, though there were plenty of folks who would say that it was quite famous instead. Well, the City of Jesters and Thieves was, anyway- much of the rest of the place was infamous in everyone's eyes. Nobody wanted to become rotten corpses or pokefood, after all, though there were plenty of daredevils and diehards who headed into the swamp or the catacombs without proper preparation even against this desire. Humans weren't always the brightest, after all.

Those dangerous places were locations that held little interest to the violet-haired visitor to these lands at this time, of course. Rather, Dichromatia Schmeltzer had been drawn to the swamp by the place that stood overflowing with life upon the otherwise dank premises of the dreary marshland: La Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs.

Cities that were said to be full of sinners and swine often provided a home for more skillful heathens, Psychics, Channelers, and Hex Maniacs that decided that they preferred the bustle of society over the solitude of seclusion and set up shop there as a result. Some even say that the creator of the feared art of voodoo was one such person who had a particularly close bond to their banette! Of course, there were always false mystics hoping to capitalize on the presence of the real deal for there own gain, but someone with a bit of experience with the actual craft could easily determine a con artist from a true expert. It was people such as those that Chroma had come to search out, in hopes of learning something from their different perspective in the art.

Con artists weren't the only untrustworthy folks around these parts, of course, and the girl was not about to set herself up toward becoming a thieve's victim today. Louise, her mawile and long-time partner, walked beside her with eyes peeled and ears alert- indeed, she was the only pokemon in Chroma's possession she could trust not to get distracted by something in this town, and a pretty decent bodyguard otherwise to boot!

Well, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that she was only half distracted. While the mawile was indeed keeping her senses open, she was also babbling on about (presumably) the magnificent architecture that permeated the sides of the city streets. Chroma simple nodded everyone once and a while as she watched for other sights. While it was easy to question why most people would want to come here in the first place, both of them had to admit that it was easy to see why someone would want to stay.

Not that staying would likely be a wise idea at all, of course.

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