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Sandaa- Deciding not to use the smoke veil to escape, you instead decide to use the distraction to level the playing field. Selecting another Pokeball from your belt, you toss it forward to reveal Espy the Espeon who looks around concerned. What exactly had you brought him into? Your orders soon reassure him and as the smoke begins to fade, Buru locks onto his target and begins to crackle with electricity once more. Espy cheers him on, empowering him and increasing the power of the Smeargle's attack. Another wave of his brush like tail sends a final wave of electricity slamming into the Murkrow and causing it to plummet from the air. Espy gives a little cheer as the Murkrow crashes into the ground, it seems all Buru needed to bring the badie down was a little friendly support!

The first grunt recalls his Murkrow, swearing to himself while the second grunt issues orders to his Scraggy."Scraggy get back in there and give that Espeon a Feint Attack!" The Scraggy hitches up his pants and rushes in again, this time darting from side to side as he begins to pick up speed. It jumps at Espy from the side, striking with a dark blow that leaves the Psychic type reeling. Tail raised, Espy doesn't take long to retaliate. A burst of dazzling fairy energy erupts from the gem on his head, slamming into the Scraggy and sending him flying backwards. It doesn't rise back up, it seems with the prolonged Nightmare and the two powerful hits it had taken, the Scraggy was already down for the count!

Buru gained 4 levels!
Espy gained 2 levels!

As the grunt recalls his Scraggy, the two of them make their way towards you, hands dropping to the guns at their hips. It seems they had hoped to defeat you just with their Pokemon, but now they had to resort to a more direct option. Espy quickly realizes their intent and lets out a blinding flash, causing the grunts to cry out in pain. They stumble around, temporarily blinded as they fumble for their weapons.

Chad comes out from his hiding place, quickly pulling you away as Buru and Espy rush after you. The four of you rush haphazardly through the streets, doubling back around towards the arcade."Hopefully they think we went back the other way, that way we should have a clear run to the arcade", explains Chad. You turn down a street and at the end of it you see a building enveloped by flashing lights, the arcade. You make your way down the street, taking your time to make sure you weren't seen. You come to a stop out the front of the arcade, strangely there were no guards."This place is strange, I don't know why they would bring them here. We should probably get inside before anyone finds us, I dare say we just put ourselves on notice. How should we go about looking for them?"
Gary couldn’t help but grin as he watched the enemy Murkrow and Scraggy fall in battle. Buru and Espy didn’t have much battle experience under their belts, but they handled this one admirably and wound up victorious. “Great work guys!” he called out to the Smeargle and Espeon, but his excitement had to be cut short and placed on hold for now. The enemy Pokemon may be unconscious, but their trainers weren’t, so it was high time to get out of there.

As the gem on Espy’s forehead shined brightly, a blinding Flash emitted from it and temporarily incapacitated the grunts. “We should probably get out of here while we still can…” he said to Chad as the four of them hurried out back down the street. They backtracked around a few blocks before finally getting around the area and arrived at the arcade. It was hard to miss with all of the flashing lights adorning its entrance. For some odd reason, Gary couldn’t detect any grunts guarding the entrance of the arcade.

Prodded by Chad’s suggestion, Gary agreed that it would probably be best to head inside before any unwelcome company finds them standing there. The only question now remained was how they were going to find the hostages inside. Gary looked down at his two Pokemon. Buru was pretty tired, but Espy was still relatively fresh and ready to go. “Why don’t you take a quick rest, Buru,” Gary said, returning the Smeargle to her ball. “You did great out there. Espy, stick with us for now because I have a feeling your psychic abilities will be coming in handy. Let’s wander around in here and if you sense any enemies ahead or the hostages, give us a heads up before we walk into any traps!” Espy smiled and nodded, swishing his forked tail.
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