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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post

You introduce yourself before question the Shuppet, asking it about what it can remember and if it has a name. The animatronic just stares at you, its lifeless eyes processing the information you sent it. With a small beep, your phone brings up a new message.

"I'm sorry, I don't really know anything. I can't remember... Can't... It hurts to remember. Yet.. If you could save me, that would be grand."

And with that the robot stopped looking at you, and returned to its job. No matter how much you try, it seems that this'll be all you'll be getting out of the Pokemon inside of the creepy machine. The power limiters on it must be a lot more severe than it described, if it could barely hold conversation more than a minute or so at a time. Why then, was the casino doing this to Pokemon. Why would they need such a device that would interfere with the abilities of Ghost-typed and Psychic-typed Pokemon.

As you stare at your phone, you hear a small bark. Sammi circles around you, excited about something. Perhaps she caught something, or it could just be the more canine habits of her species kicking it. Her sniffer seems to be overdrive, and she's barking while pointing towards the FAME hallway. Did she find something down there? If so what was it? At this point there wasn't anything that could really help out the Shuppet until the night, but at least this could potentially give you more information. You then hear an announcement that a show was about to start in the FAME area.

What do you do?
Although Alice had previously felt as unnerved as anyone might around such a robot, that was no longer the case. Those eyes looked lifeless, but inside, life struggled away; trapped. Her phone went off, and she turned away just a little, as if it was a distraction rather than there being any connection between the messages and the machine. That was even more saddening, but she would do her very best. She had to. Alice's head rose as the animatronic walked away from her. She supposed that the Shuppet had to pretend that it wasn't talking to her-- or the prison had forcibly stolen him away from her.

"I will. I'll do my very best, I promise."

Samantha came back to her, yapping, and the young woman beamed. "What is it, my little lady? Had fun?" She asked of the vicious healer. The doggy looked both delighted and determined, coming up onto two paws to point towards the walk to FAME. "Oh, yeah? Found something good?" She prompted, and the Snubbull continued her tirade. When the announcement sounded out, Alice wondered if it was a legitimate lead or not, but there wasn't too much to lose. With so many of them there to start shit, and the discovery of the trapped Shuppet, Alice figured she had already done enough of a job if this didn't get anywhere. "Come on, then. Let's go, let's go!" The idol exclaimed cheerily, and Samantha ran ahead with her heeled owner in tow, ready for whatever FAME had in store for them.
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