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Once the Pokemon had revealed itself to be, well, a Pokemon. You felt a lot more comfortable. You had come here freely, but the thought of dealing with some terrifying otherworldly being or eldritch creature was certainly terrifying. Although the little candle beast was indeed a Pokemon, you couldn't exactly say you were familiar with it --- the only thing you knew for sure was that the fire was bad news for your companion. Your Mawile looked rather determined and angry, determined to win and perhaps angry over the burn she was suffering from, or maybe angry over what the somewhat cute creature had done to that poor little girl.

Speaking of the girl, she was still unconscious in your arms. Her body was gradually regaining it's colour the longer she was away from the candle, her skin was also getting bouncier and more youthful. It was almost like watching a corpse slowly begin to reanimate itself, but you had to admit that you were happy that the young girl was at least able to bounce back so quickly from such a horrible event. You had to hope that she would wake up soon, you had to assume that her parents were worried sick about her. Her dishevelled appearance lead you to believe that she had been out here for quite some time, if you had arrived just a moment later... who knows what would've become of her.

You glanced back towards Eclair, commanding her to Taunt the creature so it couldn't make itself any smaller. The candle creature let out a whaling moan in response, saddened and enraged --- it had fallen for the Taunt of the Mawile. It opened it's mouth, allowing for some foul smelling Smog to seep out. Luckily for Eclair, it's steel typing prevented it from getting poisoned or even hurt by the move in question. However... you could still smell the repulsive stink, causing you to cover your nose. How could such an adorable candle produce such an absolutely horrible and rank smell? Coughing through your hand, you commanded Eclair to rush towards the creature and Tickle it to catch it off guard. The Mawile obeyed, jumping towards the creature, which was still emitting the gas from it's mouth. The Mawile began to Tickle the waxy body of the candle, causing it to stop spitting out the smog and let out a small giggle. Once the creature was caught off guard, Eclair bit down hard with it's large second head. The candle gave a pathetic sort of wail, causing tears to fall from it's eyes. The move had done a significant amount of damage to the creature, and it was beginning to get upset. The creature let out a scream and blasted a Spinning pillar of Fire towards Eclair, it did moderate damage to the Mawile but it also stayed on her. She was trapped in the vortex of flames, eyeing you with a concerned glance.

The battle continues, the Litwick is looking a bit worse off than Eclair. What do you do?

Acrid smoke filled Athena's lungs, causing her to cough rather violently to clear them. Eclair looked back at her trainer with worry. She didn't care much if she got hurt in a battle, but attacking Athena made this battle much more personal. She put as much rage as she could into her attacks, letting her opponent know that she meant business. The Mawile snickered in satisfaction at the tears welling up in the smaller Pokemon's eyes. In retaliation, Eclair was suddenly surrounded by swirling flames. She pulled the mouth at the back of her head closer to her body, worried it might get licked by the fire. She looked back at Athena and noticed an odd look on her face. Though she did look worried, something else was there. Fascination? They hadn't been traveling together for too long, but Eclair definitely recognized that Athena wanted more than to just save the girl. As angry as she was with this candle, there was more to Pokemon battles than defeating the opponent.

"Wile!" Eclair called to her trainer. Athena understood that they were now both on the same page.

"This might hurt a bit but... Iron Head!" Athena commanded. Eclair braced herself, looked for an opening in the spinning fire, then charged forward. Athena took a closer look at the girl in her arms. Color was slowly returning to her face. Gently, she brushed a strand of hair from her face. Though she wasn’t sure if the child was awake, she comfortingly whispered to her. “Just hang on a little bit longer, ok? We’ll get you out of here soon…”

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