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You introduce yourself before question the Shuppet, asking it about what it can remember and if it has a name. The animatronic just stares at you, its lifeless eyes processing the information you sent it. With a small beep, your phone brings up a new message.

"I'm sorry, I don't really know anything. I can't remember... Can't... It hurts to remember. Yet.. If you could save me, that would be grand."

And with that the robot stopped looking at you, and returned to its job. No matter how much you try, it seems that this'll be all you'll be getting out of the Pokemon inside of the creepy machine. The power limiters on it must be a lot more severe than it described, if it could barely hold conversation more than a minute or so at a time. Why then, was the casino doing this to Pokemon. Why would they need such a device that would interfere with the abilities of Ghost-typed and Psychic-typed Pokemon.

As you stare at your phone, you hear a small bark. Sammi circles around you, excited about something. Perhaps she caught something, or it could just be the more canine habits of her species kicking it. Her sniffer seems to be overdrive, and she's barking while pointing towards the FAME hallway. Did she find something down there? If so what was it? At this point there wasn't anything that could really help out the Shuppet until the night, but at least this could potentially give you more information. You then hear an announcement that a show was about to start in the FAME area.

What do you do?


After discussing with your Purrloin, you manage to finally place a coin in the old starter slots. With a spin of the machine, you watch with perturbed curiosity as the machine starts to spin, and spin, and spin. The first column stops, and then the second... Two 7s. Yet the last column malfunctions. A Squirtle hanging above the space in the middle. The Pupitar guard notices this, and waddles over to you. Giving you a smile, it headbutts the machine, causing the last column to spin some more, and more, and more... Until it lands on a 7. The machine flashes JACKPOT, and spits out nothing. Were all of these machines rigged? The Pupitar guard seems frustrated yet again that a machine isn't working, and tries to fix it. Yet, it comes back with nothing. Examining it further, you notice a word etched into the back of the slot machine, yet very hard to see.


Etres? The hell does that mean. It like the rest of what was written is too faded to read. Yet, another word is a lot more visible.

M A M M O N.

Mammon, the demon of greed. A personification of man's desire for infinity wealth and money. Would there be more information to be found about this Mammon in the FORTUNE hall? Is that why Nyx wanted to go? It was hard to discern without actually going towards the place yourself. Though, it did raise a question. Why were these rigged machines still out here? You then hear an announcement that a show was about to start in the FAME area.

What do you do?


After having some fun in the photo booth you and your Aipom set your plan into motion. Scurvy darts out of the small machine, to get into a more optimal location. Seeing him vanish from sight, you head towards the food court, and grab a tray. You start to pile it on with food, from steaks to cakes, from greens to grains. Soon, the food tray could barely handle the pile of dishes that you grabbed from the buffet, and you walk towards the counter. Yet, before you can, you purposefully slip sending the tray of food flying. You fall backwards, hurting your glutes in the process, and your small yelp alerts the guards of the stage towards your location. You are then assaulted by the slices of cake you grabbed, and get covered in their creamy goodness. The Miltank from the stage notices, and has the Pangoro assist her as they help pick you up. The Pangoro then yells, and a group of Cincinno and Trubbish appear. The Pokemon start to clean up the mess, and the Miltank apologizes when she feels that the ground under you was wet. Easy.

Meanwhile, Scurvy took the guard leaving as his cue, and started to use his acrobatic tricks to get to the backstage. It was surprisingly... empty. The Aipom wanders the area, before seeing a slightly cracked open door. Seeing some items of interest and snatches them up with his thievery skills. Poking his head out, he sees the coast is clear and makes a beeline towards the photo booth. Seeing the purple flash, you tell the guards you're okay and will go clean yourself up, siting that you left your bag in the photo booth first.

With all of that out of the way, you meet back up with Scurvy and look at the contents of what he got. The first of it was a ID card, yet who's it was it does not say. There weren't any card readers in this area, so this might prove more useful in the night. The second item is a piece of paper, yet what is on it is undecipherable. The third is a bottle of some liquid. Opening it up, you get hit by a pungent wave of burning alcohol. Booze, it was booze. Besides the ID card, there wasn't too much of interest there besides maybe the paper. That is, if you could find a way to read it. You then hear an announcement that a show was about to start in the FAME area.

What do you do?


Discussing what the two of you experienced, you and your Honchkrow decide to go to the Fortune hall. The smoking area was what interested you, and not for the reason to relieve some stress. If they had a designated area for smoking indoors, then that means there must be ventilation of some kind to allow the harmful air to escape. And if that was the case, then that means there must be an exit to the building within those vents, and if there was an exit, than means there was also an entrance. With that in mind, the two of you march into the Fortune hall.

The sounds of slot machines and the hustle and bustle of crowds can call anyone to the draws of the casino. It seems that people still flocked here to gamble there lives away, and that would help you out in the long run. Patrons barely left this area, and for a good reason, besides fancy food they could get whatever they wanted here. The smell of cigarettes permeated the air, and while disgusting was also a common occurrence at many casinos. Yet, the guard Pokemon tried to usher smokers to the designated area. Looking towards the ceiling, you notice a few air vents at the top of the area, and you could hear what seemed to be a small humming sound the closer you got to it. There was a way, but getting into there with this many people would be risky. Yet, it was a risk that needed to be taken. It was an easy way in, if your thoughts were correct, and an easy way in would make the night so much easier. You then hear an announcement that a show was about to start in the FAME area.

What do you do?


You bid your Misdreavus farewell and head down the path of Fortune. The noises of slot machines and the smell of cigarettes immediately assault your senses. Another thing was that despite the rest of the casino, this place was crowded. People were everywhere, unlike how empty the rest of the building was. It seemed that this was the main attraction after all. With that in mind, you start to explore where you can. It's hard, though, to not look overtly suspicious trying to find odd trinkets or vents with all of these people around. There was nothing to find, nothing that couldn't be seen without the people being gone. And it seems that an opportunity soon presented itself. You then hear an announcement that a show was about to start in the FAME area. With that, the crowds started to slowly disperse from the FORTUNE area like an amorphous blob, with no mind of its own. Weird. Following the crowd, you soon get back to the intersection.

Feeling a chill, your Misdreavus reappears and confirms also hearing the announcement. He also describes the layout of the Fame hall, with there being a food court, a central stage, a few restaurants, a karaoke bar, and an arcade for kids. Seemed to be a much more family friendly area than that of the Fortune. Yet, all the people going there could prove to be beneficial to exploring the Fortune Hall. Even so, what type of show was this. It felt a bit too convenient for you.

What do you do?

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