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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Meetan - Ivan seemed to enjoy your response to his suggestion, you spoke your mind but still gave him what he asked for. He had no intention of abusing that in which he was given, mainly because he wants to keep his job, but still couldn’t help but feel like he had accomplished something nonetheless. “Why thank you, I’ll cherish your number and will for sure let you know if I hear anything.” After his reply, you go to exit the cabin while adding in one last comment for good measure and then head through the door. “Just my type.” Ivan whispers his thoughts under his breath after you’re out of sight and then goes back to playing around in his phone.

After you make your way outside, your Xtransciever goes off with a message “This is Ivan.”, so now you have his info as well. It’s not hard at all to find the Skiddo, considering it hasn’t moved. You’re careful as you approach, not wanting to upset the Pokemon any further than it already is but you still need to get its attention somehow so you slowly approach until it notices you. Skiddo stops ramming into the building and gives you that same look it had given you earlier, it just looks like it’s annoyed. You begin to talk to it and let it know that if it doesn’t want to show you, then maybe it would be willing to tell your Pokemon Axel, hoping that maybe it would find comfort in having another Pokemon to talk to. However, the look on its face doesn’t seem to soften at all, in fact, it’s brow is now creased in what appears to be frustration at you. As you place the Love Ball on the ground in front of it, it appears startled for a moment and then looks back at you as you hold your palms up in the air. At that point, its frustration reaches max levels and it begins to charge toward you! “Skiii!!” You don’t have time at all to react and are frozen in place but then it charges right past you, all you feel is the breeze its movement created.

Once you turn around you can see that once again it’s just ramming into the cabin, it seems that it had no intention of harming you at all. But now, it’s a little bit closer than it was and you notice something that you hadn’t before. Each time the Skiddo rams into the cabin, a few drops of something black flies out of its ears, it looks like it might be some kind of Sludge but it’s hard to tell since it won’t stop moving long enough for you to get a better look. You then look at the rest of the Pokemon and it seems to look a bit dirty but nothing too unusual, except for its hooves! Its hooves are black when they should be orange. Looking back at the drops occasionally coming out of its ears, it would seem that there is a good chance it probably couldn’t hear a word you were saying earlier. Also, looking around some more there are drops of this black Sludge looking stuff in the grass here and there that may potentially lead somewhere, possibly wherever the Skiddo came from, but it’s hard to tell from here if the drops are consistent enough to leave a direct trail. What will you do?
It was a good thing that Ivan had kept his thoughts until Alice had gone, because overhearing them definitely would've made her blush. Not to mention, talking to one's self was the first sign of insanity, although Alice had crossed that section of crazy town long, long ago. Skiddo had obviously not gone anywhere, and she had been naive to think that approaching it gently might prevent her from becoming a target. Wrong.

It turned on her with speed, and all Alice could do was freeze and scream, shielding her tiny body feebly with her arms and head ducked behind them. Thank goodness, though, it was a warning charge, and one that had afforded her an observation not possible before. The blonde stood up, shaking like a leaf, Love Ball once again in hand and her bag put back on. Her whole body felt like jelly, and Alice knew that the adrenaline had sent her blood sugars through the roof. She supposed that was fine-- there was a lot of walking to be done, and they'd start to drop once the shock-horror subsided.

"Oh, oh shit-- there's something in your ears, and st- stuff. Fuck." The extra swear was more because of the nerves, breathing heightened. At that, Alice released Axel anyway. Time to make a plan. The pink Pokemon, after a moment, turned his head as if to regard her more obviously. The sleepyhead had sensed her distress. "Axel, that poor Skiddo has some gunk in its ears and on its hooves and stuff. Could you tell it I'm going to ask the ranger for help, and try to use your psychic powers to dislodge some of it? I left Samantha, so she can't try with heal bell."

As if on queue, the creature suddenly moved its limbs a bit, hovering above the ground as a psychic aura surrounded him. Alice took a moment to pet the Abra's head, a gesture that soothed her as much as it showed the Pokemon some affection. She kissed his forehead as he did whatever wonderful magic Pokemon did, and moved to dip her head back into the cabin.

"Hey, Ivan? The Skiddo outside has some kind of nasty stuff on its ears and hooves and things. I think it's trying to knock it off by ramming the cabin. My Abra's telling it I've called you and trying to help but I'm not sure how well he'll be able to do anything. There's a trail of the stuff all over the grass, so we might go and check it out incase Furfrou ends up there, yeah?" Alice moved back out of the door, still holding it as if expecting him to get up and assist - if it was needed - before she and her team ran off to play detective. "Oh, and I got your text, just so you know."
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