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Following the trail of footprints seemed to be the obvious decision here, but their path into the darkness of the forest would leave any adventurer feeling more than uncertain.

And perhaps that was one of the oddest things about all of this, aside from the visions and the strange Pokemon, at least - the darkness. Celebi’s Swamp was a bit unordinary, at least for The Black Bayou, as the treetops here were constantly clear, and sunlight was almost always bleeding through. So, why then, was this particular pocket of the forest dark? And why did these footprints lead right into it? The whole thing just seemed like a bad sign all around.

But nevertheless, adventure was calling.

You stepped forth into the trees off the beaten path, your Pokemon at your side. You followed the trail of footprints into the depths of the forest until the last trickles of sunlight had completely vanished from the canopy above. And that’s when it happened again.

There was a flash, and a crack of thunder. It was pouring rain. The forest around you was completely unrecognizable; the only signs of vegetation that remained were the numerous wilted trees around you, and even then only some of them stood as the rest were nothing more than piles of smoldering ashes. Wisps of smoke and steam slowly rose out of the ground where the forest once stood majestically.

Another flash, and another crack of thunder. You were back in the forest once more, unsure of why this was happening. But something was different; in front of you stood three tall, intertwined trees, creating two sort of ‘gateways’ between them. And there it was: Piercing red eyes, fur as white as snow, a face as black as midnight. Except there were two of them - each standing within the arches - one on the left, and one on the right.

There was another flash. The trees still stood, twisted into arches in some sort of cruel agony as the smoldering forest around them was dead and decaying. They clouds in the sky moved at a frightening pace, as though on fast forward, until the sky eventually cleared, revealing total darkness.

“Some say the world will end in fire…”
“Some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire…”
"I hold with those who favor fire."

The moon appeared over the horizon, slowly rising into the sky. With each second that passed, the air became colder and colder. As the moon raised higher into the black sky, it started to become red as blood - and at its peak the entire sky turned a dark crimson, and it felt as though your very life force was being drained from your body.

“But if it had to perish twice…”
“I think I know enough of hate to say that for destruction ice is also great…”
“And would suffice.”

You began to feel extremely faint… and then, with a blink, you were back where you were once more, on your knees and out of breath. The creatures that stood in the archways had disappeared, once more leaving a trail through each, splitting off into two separate directions - one to the left, and one to the right.

It wasn’t too late to turn back, though. Perhaps this was simply too much for you to handle. What will you do?

The farther they walk away from the swamp, the darker it gets. Latte isn't entirely sure how long they have been walking, but it's definitely not more than an hour. The shadows formed by the canopy increasingly spreads out all around them, tempting them to turn back.

"Latte," Mina says, trembling a little. "What happened back there at the swamp? You seemed so... out of touch, for some reason." "Plup," Chachi agrees, clutching to Latte's hand. Latte squeezes Chachi's fin in response, shaking as she remembers the apocalyptic scene she beheld. "Didn't you notice it? It was dark, and you guys were gone, and there was a fox on the tree..."

Mina squints as she listens to Latte, trying to make sense of her words. Mina was sure she's never seen anything Latte was talking about. There were no dead trees or red eyes or foxes; everything's been a lush green forest since they came here. Chachi pouts a little, thinking the same thing.

Though Mina isn't sure, she tries to comfort Latte. "Perhaps it's all a dream? Are you sick? Do you need to rest?" "I don't think so," Latte replies, smiling at her Meditite's concern. "I guess I'm perfectly fine--"


As soon as Latte steps out of the last flash of light in the forest, a blinding light flashed in front of her, and rain almost immediately fell. She falls to the ground from shock, and beholds yet again a scene of darkness and decaying trees. This time, wisps of smoke were coming off from the ground, as if all life was drained from the forest. All around her were either wilted trees or piles of ashes.

"Guys?" Latte tries to scream above the torrential downpour. Mina and Chachi are gone again. Her heart starts pounding and she can't move. "Help me!"


She flinches, shutting her eyes and holding her arm in front of her face, as another blinding flash appears the same time she pleas for help, but the rain abruptly stops. When she opens her eyes once more, she gasps at the sight of the forest, exactly where she was before the death scene. In front of her now are intertwined trees, creating paths that seem to go even deeper in the forest. And there it is again: the fox with its blood red eyes, snow-white fur, and the darkest face she's ever seen. Hang on... there's another one! Latte can't seem to make sense of what they are exactly, but they are both standing within the arches. "Who are you?" she asks, looking at them. "What's happening?"

Mina and Chachi kneel beside her, confused and panicked, shaking her. They watch as their Trainer sits on the ground, screaming at nothing.

"What's happening?" Chachi asks, tears forming in his eyes. "What's over there?" "I-I don't know," Mina replies. She shakes Latte. "Latte? Latte!"

Another flash causes Latte to flinch again, this time reverting to the dead forest from earlier. The tree-gates, however, still stood, though they intertwine as if they're clinging on for dear life. As she makes sense of her surroundings once more, she hears faint voices.

“Some say the world will end in fire…”

"I-In fire...?" Latte whispers.

“Some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire…”

"Ice...?" Latte whispers again, confused. "How...?"

"I hold with those who favor fire."

The clouds above Latte move at an unusually fast pace, until they are completely gone and the sky is entirely bare. Latte watches as from the horizon, the moon illuminates the path it takes as it moves higher into the sky.

Latte increasingly feels chiller each second; she wraps her arms, still not feeling warm enough. She watches as the moon turns red each time it moves. As if that isn't terrifying and puzzling enough, the black sky turns a dark crimson when the moon stops directly above her. Latte feels herself weaken, crouching forward and closer to the ground, her breath heavy. Her head pounds a bit, then she hears the voices again.

“But if it had to perish twice…”
“I think I know enough of hate to say that for destruction ice is also great…”
“And would suffice.”

Latte's breathing is still labored. "Wh...what's going on?" She clutches her chest, her head on the ground. "Wh... who...." She musters enough strength to scream.


"Plup!!!" Chachi shakes Latte, who's now completely crouched on the ground, still gasping for air. "Plup? Piplup!!!"

"Latte!" Mina grabs on to Latte's other arm, which was supporting her body. Latte falls sideways and lies flat on the grass, now staring up at the lush canopy that wasn't there earlier. She continues to breathe heavily, but she foucuses on it. She slowly breathes back to normal as time passes by without those dark visions.

"Piplup!!!" Chachi kneels at her side, tears forming at his eyes, as he watches his Trainer stare blankly at the sky. "Plup..."

"Chachi..." Latte gasps, then turns to Mina. "Mina... you guys..." She sits up slowly, Mina and Chachi holding her on each arm. "Piplup!" Chachi then flings himself to Latte's arms and buries his face on her shoulder. Latte hugs him tight. "It's okay, Chi. I'm okay." Mina puts her hand on Chachi's back, a small smile on her face from relief.

"What did you see?" Mina asks. "I-It was dark..." Latte mumbles, recounting the dead forest, as Chachi moves away from her grasp.. "This forest was dead... T-There were two eyes, right over there." She points towards the tree-gates, standing tall as ever. Mina and Chachi gasp, surprised that it was ever there at all.

"P-Pip...?" How long was that there?

"W-When did that..." Mina whispers.

"Exactly," Latte says, now more skeptic than anxious as she begins to get up. "Those two fox things... they were trying to tell me something. Something about ice and fire, and destruction..."

"Destruction?" Mina asks. "Of what?"

Latte thinks, recalling what she heard. "I couldn't remember much. But that was the gist. And this forest... this forest was gone."

"Plup?" Gone...? Chachi, puzzled, looks around him; the forest looks very far from being dead.

Mina holds on to Latte's shirt. "Should we be moving forward? This place is getting too... dangerous... for you. It's hard to see you like that." Chachi nods.

Latte nods. "I can't let go of what I'm seeing until I find out why. Something's telling me this forest is in danger... I can't just leave and let that be."

Mina and Chachi look at each other. "That's true." Chachi says. "We need answers. But I'm--" "Scared," Mina admits. "So am I. But Latte needs us. We need to be there for her." "I know that. I do. I don't want this forest gone, either." Mina nods.

Mina and Chachi walk to Latte and embrace her at her sides. "Plup plup!" Chachi says, showing his support to his Trainer. "We're with you," Mina says. Latte smiles and returns the hug to her Pokemon. "Thank you guys," she says. "Please stay close to me."

"If you have any more visions, let us know. We'll make sure you snap out if it gets too..." Mina trails off. "Wild?" Latte chuckles. "Sure. I trust you guys."

Holding her Pokemon's arms again, Latte now mulls over which path to take, both having footprints. She looks hard at either side, trying to see if there was perhaps a bit of light coming off of them, but nothing seems distinct about each one.

"Alright," Latte says as she walks towards the arch on the right. She looks up at the tree-arch as they went inside. "Time to go deeper."

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