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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post

Jayson was both impressed and annoyed that these bugs were so hard to take down, but in the very least, they were providing an excellent training opportunity for his own two bugs to get stronger. While they waited for his next orders, Jayson pulled out a rare candy and handed it to Spartacus to eat. As he did, the Scyther felt himself growing stronger and more capable. Jayson suggested for him to try out his newfound ability and gave Trieu orders to finish off the Karrablast as well.

As Trieu turned back to face the Karrablast once more, it stared back at her through labored breaths. Trieu darted forward, mandibles wide as she prepared to Bite it, and the Karrablast did all it could to Endure the hit, glowing red as it did so. It mustered up all of its remaining strength to Peck Trieu with its horn, a glancing hit that made the scorpion wince as she slipped behind the beetle and rammed it with a Feint Attack. There was nothing more Trieu needed to do as the Karrablast slumped over, defeated.

Meanwhile, Spartacus faced off against the Kricketune again, as the mustached opponent’s arms glowed bright with a powerful Fury Cutter energy. The Scyther now had an ace up his sleeve, spreading his wings and darting forward with great speed to ram into the Kricketune for a Wing Attack. Kricketune yelped in pain, the attack pushing it to the brink, its entire body enveloping in a green aura to channel the power of the Swarm. It retaliated with a very powerful Fury Cutter, striking Spartacus on the chest with incredible power. Spartacus hissed in pain as well, before slamming back into the cricket for a second Wing Attack. Spartacus panted heavily and watched as the battle was finally over. Kricketune fell on its back as the aura around its body faded away.

Spartacus has grown 4 levels!
Trieu has grown 5 levels!

With their first battle experience in the Cloud Forest now over, Jayson congratulated his exhausted Pokemon on a hard-fought battle. The two bugs would need a rest for now, but the options for their trainer were numerous. He could choose to explore the forest further or head into a different area entirely if he wished to do so.

They had finally overcome the bothersome bugs and were looking stronger for the experience, although both Pokemon were looking rather unhealthy. They both put on brave faces, Spartacus most of all ones not one to show when he was hurting. Jayson knew it though, they had both battled their hearts out and would need to swing by a Pokemon Center before they could head off in search of the first trial. He recalled that there was a Ranger's cabin on the Galea Plains, he could head there and heal up his Pokemon. He had no idea where the cabin actually was though so it was time to mount up and send out the scout. Jayson retrieved Spartacus and Trieu's Pokeball's and recalled the pair, they would slow him down now. Replacing them on his belt, Jayson selected another two Pokeballs and tossed them out, Atalanta the Dartrix and Boudicca the Mudsdale burst out to meet their trainer. Atalanta quickly arced around to perch atop Boudicca's head, her favoured position. Jayson gave the might Mudsdale a pat on the nose before pulling himself up onto her back, holding onto a couple of locks of her mane for support.

Jayson turned Boudicca back in the direction of the Galea plains, "Atalanta, fly ahead, keep an eye out for the Ranger's cabin, we will follow your lead." Atalanta took off and quickly rose up into the air. Jayson gave Boudicca a quick nudge and the Mudsdale let out a whinny before breaking out into a steady gallop.

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