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As you order your Misdreavus to do some reconnaissance, you sit down and play one of the new mobile games taking the realm by storm. Not long after you finish feeding your Magikarp, Magus appears in front of you and starts to explain his discoveries.

"There is something behind the suspicious patch, that much I can tell you. What though, I can't. There seems to be some sort of blocker on the ethereal there, and even using mental probing there's a strong barrier there. I suspect it has something to do with the Jirachi animatronic, as there are similar qualities to it. Yet, there is something inside of the robot too. What is there, I honestly can't say. If you want to try and figure out what's behind that patch, you'll need some brute force. At the moment the guard is a bit distracted over at the roulette, so even if you wanted to do so, I would high advise not to break into that place until the night time. At this point I would suggest it would be best to explorer other areas, there isn't much just the two of us can do here at once," he explains to you, giving the best explanation of his findings to you that he can.

It would seem that at this point there really wasn't much the two of you could do without possibly teeming up with others. Though, why was there such a strong anti-ghost and presumably anti-psychic barrier in this area. What could be hiding behind that patch of wall that could be so important to keep hidden from both the public and prying eyes. Perhaps the night will reveal answers the day can't. At this point, it looks like there isn't much else here for you. There were still the FAME and FORTUNE paths to as well.

What do you do?
Heather huffed in frustration. She needed to upgrade her berries, it was taking way too long for Dorcaskarp to get anywhere, even with the mountain of food she'd been granted on her logging in. Just as she had her virtual Magikarp polish off one last Leppa Berry, Magus finally reported back in, reporting that while something was most certainly behind that door, he couldn't gain access at all, which stunned Heather.

"Well, if that's the case...keep invisible and follow that FAME path and report back to me about any more blocks or otherwise noteworthy things, maybe determine the area of the block behind that weird door if you can, it may help later. I'll check FORTUNE. Meet back here in 20 minutes. And, since some obviously shady stuff is going down, if either of us doesn't get back in time, the other should not hesitate to come looking. Keep that in mind, it's important." Heather instructed. Magus nodded and faded away once more. Heather put away her phone and began to investigate the Fortune path. Dorcaskarp's daily training could wait.
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