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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post

The boy you just watched get kicked into oblivion slowly starts to get up, his body visibly shaking. It seems this wasn't the first time the poor kid had suffered through this abuse, but it certainly wont be the last if you don't intervene in anyway. While medical help was a bit out of the question, you still offered water and tissues to show some type of support. He looks with you with wide, scared eyes, unsure on how to go forward or how to react to you. Kindness was obviously a foreign concept to this kid, so your words had a visible affect on him. Collecting himself, he starts to speak.

"T-Thank you miss. I'm tired of my brother beating me... I just want the days where he protected me to come back. When did I... When did I go from a prize to a tool?" David murmured as he looks towards the waterfront, taking a tissue from your package and coughing some blood up into it. Despite your orders, the other kids soon make their way towards you.

"Hey." Terry extends his hand to the boy while firmly grasping Muddy in the other. David acts tense for a moment, before taking it and shaking it uneasily.

"Why?" The bigger kid almost choked out, confused on the other children's actions.

"I'm still not happy you stole muddy. But, if you were tormenting us because of this... Then come with us." Terry replies, a solemn smile on the young boy's face.

"We'll take care of you from your mean brother!" Junie exclaims happily, and the other kids agree. David then turns towards you.

"If you're still willing to help me catch a Pokemon... There is a spot I'd like to try," he says, looking a bit nervous.

What do you do?
Alice's expression was sympathetic, although she couldn't offer more than that. Chances were, the older boy's aggression was born of insecurity and resentment, along with how dire their living circumstances were. He likely thought he was the reason his father left and was taking it out on the other. None of the potential trauma justified this shit, though, and Alice would still punish him if he dared come back. The absence of a parent was clearly the absence of discipline, and Alice's temper had been ignited enough that she was willing to deal it out. Speaking of, the kids ignored her and came back, but she couldn't feel peeved about it with such a display of acceptance and forgiveness as that. It warmed her heart despite everything else. They were proof that even with the kind of things they had all experienced, they could grow to be good-- that not everything would be twisted by rage and despair.

"Yeah, I totally will. Where did you have in mind?" She asked with a cheerier expression. One thing did bother her, though. If these children were all taking David in, did that mean they all lacked families and proper homes? Bedlam Ridge really was a sad state of affairs. They had to keep in mind the roughness of the area, too, especially if the older boy might steal whatever David caught. Gunshots were background noise to the residents here, blood a regular decoration to the ground and structures. Alice needed to have faith in her own resolution and Pokemon's strength, though, or she'd flee and never return. These kids need to see what goodness and perseverance could do.
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