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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Kei was moved by the support of his trainer, his colleagues, and his newfound friend in Stufful. As the big blubbery Makuhita flexed before him, the Charmander rose back to his feet and prepared to get himself back into the fight. His previous strategy had been less than successful, so now would be a good time for a change in tactics. Thinking up a new plan, Kei readied to lull the sumo wrestler Pokemon into a false sense of security before springing his trap.

As the next round of battle began, Kei started things off by slashing the air with his claws and spinning around cutely, shaking his flame-tipped tail in the process. The Swords Dance boosted his confidence greatly and pumped himself up physically as well, ready for combat. While this was unfolding, Makuhita sighed and ignored it, choosing to Focus his Energy instead. Once the two Pokemon were done preparing themselves, they squared off once again, much to the delight of Timburr and the Mankeys who wanted to see some action.

Kei dashed forward, ready to unleash his assault on the Makuhita. He shot forward an Ember which bounced harmlessly off of Makuhita’s Thick Fat. As he predicted, Makuhita smirked and took the bait, coming in close to Tackle Kei with his blobby belly. Luckily, Kei was ready for this and stood his ground. As the Makuhita was about to collide with him, Kei thrust a palm upward, clocking Makuhita in the chin with a Brick Break. The onlookers gasped in shock at the turn of events and Makuhita stumbled backwards surprised by the strike. With his opponent thrown off balance, Kei followed up his strike with a big Scratch across the chest.

Makuhita’s demeanor turned from cocky to serious in a hurry and glared down at Kei through slanted eyes. “Maku!” he cried out, planting his feet and Thrusting his Arms forward. His thrusts connected with Kei three times, pushing the Charmander backwards. Kei took a deep breath and prepared to blast the Makuhita in order to make up for his failed attempt before. However, Makuhita had other plans, scooping up some dirt and dust from the floor of the ring and threw a Sand Attack right in Kei’s eyes. Kei yelped, putting his hands over his eyes just as he shot out a Dragon Pulse, just barely grazing Makuhita’s shoulder.

With his vision now obstructed, Kei was in a bit of a bind even though he had the advantage in terms of health. Makuhita growled, rubbing his sore shoulder and prepared to take advantage of Kei’s sudden disability. Pulling back his other arm that wasn’t sore, Makuhita loomed over Kei, ready to unleash a Force Palm. What will Kei do?
Patches gasped and stood up the moment Kei’s eyes were filled with sand. “That’s not very nice!!” Mio ran in front of her to make sure her trainer didn’t interfere since this is Kei’s fight but Patches managed to stop herself on her own and sat back down. Ciri was completely asleep on the log next to Patches at this point and seemed to not even be waking up at the loud commotion within the ring. Patches looked down at the cotton bird next to her and smiled at how content she seemed to be at the moment. “Thank you for bringing us here, Ciri. If it weren’t for you I’d probably be missing Kei’s big moment right now.” She gives Ciri a light pat on the head and presses the button on a pokeball she now has in her other hand to return the little Swablu to her ball where she can rest. “Don’t let that bully win, Kei…” She says under her breath as she continues to watch the fight.

Kei was feeling pretty good after the Makuhita fell for his trick but it seemed that the Pokemon really started to step up their game after that. The sudden sand in his eyes was a problem and as soon as it happened he knew he would be at a major disadvantage. It sounds like the Dragon Pulse hit but Kei couldn’t see just how hard it hit. He needed to get his opponent on the same level as him so he decides to shoot off a Smokescreen before doing anything else. He hopes that the smoke will have that Makuhita dealing with the same handicap as him. Beyond that, he needed to think fast and normally he is pretty clear headed when thinking on the spot but his mind immediately went back to Stufful. He didn’t understand why he was being forced to do this and why they wouldn’t just leave Stufful alone. None of it makes sense to him and he isn’t enjoying any of this as much as the other Pokemon seem to enjoy watching. The more his thoughts race the more bothered by this entire situation he becomes which eventually leads to him finally making a choice, it’s time to just say screw it and go all in with Outrage!

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