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Originally Posted by Loki View Post
That's kind of horseshit. Japan fucked up the Death Note movie back in 2006 too.
Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh respectfully disagree. That movie was good enough I wanted to show it to family. And was good enough that family enjoyed it. The movie also (in my biased opinion) is superior to the canon manga. Really, really think that ... (endgame spoilers for Death Note):

Spoiler: show
the manga jumps the shark the moment you end the cat-and-mouse game between Light and L. However you choose to end it, ending it should be the end of the story. The movie got that right. The manga did not. Worse, the arc that follows in the manga veers the story into retarded "government-project superbabies" territory. It's just dumb. I know I haven't read it properly nor seen the anime, but I don't want to either. What I read on Wikipedia was more than enough to turn me off.

Also: I much, much prefer how the Japanese movie ends the cat-and-mouse game to how the manga does. It just makes so much more sense, and is so much more satisfying.

That stated, it is a shame that the Netflix adaptation sucked. I had high hopes. While I enjoyed the Japanese live-action movie, it was plagued by the same problems that most anime-to-cinema adaptations are in Japan: weak(er) acting; cheese; and abridging. The Netflix adaptation had the potential to fix all of this. It's a shame that it instead veered off the rails, told its own made-up story, and that its made-up story was so poor.

I still have high hopes for a Western live-action adaptation of Kaiji. It needs to happen.
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