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(So sorry for the late updates qwq)


Kanna thinks on how to help for a bit, before deciding on a good course of action to get the Caterpie out of the ship. Even if it didn't work, it was their best shot at getting them out without resorting to violence. With their resolve in place, the trio are led to the haul of the ship in order to deal with the infestation. The bug-types are scattered around the cargo hold, with at least twelve of them being seen. Most of them have fabrics in their mouths, eating through what they could get their little mouths onto. It seems that all of them are completely famished, from their ravenous looks and how quickly the textiles are being devoured.

Putting the plan into action, Kanna, Yufi, and Kief all put their efforts together into charming the bugs. Hearts start to fly through the ship, and the Caterpie are soon captivated by Kanna. With the helping hands of her Zigzagoon companions, she uses Follow Me. With a little wave of her finger, all the Caterpie flock towards her. The Furret then makes her way back through the ship, the horde of Caterpie following her like how small goslings would for their mother. The two Zigzagoon trail at the end of the horde, to make sure there are no stragglers left on the ship. The Chansey is relieved when the Caterpie all come off the ship, and gives Kanna a gleeful expression.

"Thank you so much!" She exclaims, and the Lopunny from earlier soon approaches the trio.

"Here, I think this would suit you for what you've done," the rabbit says, handing Kanna a Silk Scarf. "The Caterpie didn't seem to touch the box the scarves were in, and apparently they were over ordered. I hope you enjoy this!"

With all that said and done, there was still one problem left. The Caterpie horde remained, all looking at Kanna with expecting eyes. A faint voice could be heard from one.


And soon, the crowd erupted.

"Mama! Mama! Mama!" They all cheered while looking at Kanna. Maybe her Charm worked a bit too well...

What will they do?


Your Pokemon make their way through the frozen wastes of the Frost Fjord, sent there for some reason by their trainer. Unlike the rest of the island, this place was as cold as ice, and dead. For miles all the three could see were themselves, and even with the company of each other, there really wasn't too much that they could do besides wander. At what point did they go from travelers to being lost in the snow? It was hard to tell, it felt like an eternity wandering the fjords.

Though, something finally catches Ezra's eye, and the Misdreavus tells the two felines in his company. A large shipwreck stood alone in the snow, a lot higher than the sea below them. How did the ship get there? Was this the work of the supernatural? Who knew, it was quite difficult to discern its origins. Yet it was obvious to see it was an old, even grand, ship. The top mast still held, and the tattered flag danced through the howling winds. The wood was well preserved, the frigid temperatures preventing too much of the water rot to take hold of the old ship. The bow of the ship sits pointed towards the sky, and besides those two things the rest of the ship is underneath the ice. As the Pokemon get closer, they notice and entrance like hole into the hull of the ship. It looks a little worn, yet footprints denote activity of something going in and out of it. What lived in here? Was it safe...?

Do they explore it?

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