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Sandaa: Wow, jerk. The word planted has the narrator triggered, their sleep-deprived brain wandering off to Incognito Isle, leaving your adventure to rot and die for another thousand years... You feel triggered in response, which is exactly what the writer was going for. On a less meta plane, Terra's awkwardness of having his back repurposed into a playground was eased by the swelling of pride and smugness at being praised, and the children all laugh when he sinks into the sand. Joe seemed practically mesmerised. One day, he'd definitely like a good boy Torterra and Mantine, too. Was Blastoise also a good boy?

The Phanpy seemed tempted to join them. They were having a lot of fun! However, Raphael – looking very much the coolest bouncer on the beach right now – gave a gentle grunt and indication of his head, and the Phanpy squeaked and followed after you. He seemed a bit more at your heel at this point, closing the distance previously put between you, keeping an eye out for rope as well. Many of the people you tried to speak to were in the midst of packing their things, distracted, but some still praised you and thanked you and 'your friend' for a job well done. Bill was still in sight, keeping an eye on the rambuncious kids rather than the Feraligatr, although obviously glances were made. Finally, though, one of the people you asked for had a positive answer.

“Rope? Oh, yeah, I got some. I've got a little boat down the way, and I always keep some spare rope and stuff just incase.” The young woman said. She had on a colourful beach cover, partially sheer and revealing a complimenting bikini underneath. Standing up, the brunette brushed the sand off her and grabbed her sandals, “Help me carry that cool box there, I might as well head back now, and we'll see about that rope.” She began to pack her things. Phanpy made a small, delighted sound and looked up at you. It seemed he was happy for your success!
As Gary made his way down the beach, he was promptly joined by the rescued Phanpy. As it would seem, it wasn’t fully comfortable around gigantic turtles yet, or at least Raphael’s entrance was more turtle than it could handle. I guess it might not have been best to go full turtle. In any case, Phanpy was now at Gary’s side, so he was glad that he had chosen to go full turtle after all; the opportunity to bond with the wild Pokemon a little had now presented itself.

While Gary and Phanpy stopped every so often to ask beachgoers if they had any leads towards their goal, but to no avail. It wasn’t until they approached a brunette woman that Gary and Phanpy finally got an answer they were looking for. As they would have it, the woman owned a boat not too far away where she kept a small supply of rope, exactly what Gary was looking for. All that she asked for in return was for Gary to help carry a box with her, which Gary happily obliged. With Phanpy happily trotting along with him, Gary hoisted up the box and walked alongside the woman.

“My name is Gary, by the way,” he said, introducing himself as he walked. “I’m not from around here, but I came to explore the area. However, one thing led to another, and I ended up fighting a giant Feraligatr. Not exactly what I came here for, but thanks to that, this little guy gets to stay in one piece.” Gary chuckled and looked down at the Phanpy. Wild or not, Gary was happy enough to see a smile on the Phanpy’s face.
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