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Sandaa: It appeared that you had gone full turtle, which if Tropic Thunder taught anyone anything, one never goes full turtle. Before that, though, the children were delighted to have been permitted a ride on the Torterra, and the two girls and boy rushed forward to clamber haplessly onto his back. The Pokemon was tired, so to now be punished with excitable children was rude, but it wasn't like they could do much damage. If anything, they were more likely to hurt themselves by climbing and falling or losing their balance. The two girls, Melissa especially, were all over the place; but Joe had simply sat down a little ways from Terra's head to test the grass with brushes of his hand and - as he had said - tell the Pokemon what a good and strong boy he was. Adorable.

“Well, thank you, Gary. We'll make sure Terra's all healed up and rested by the time you get back.” He said. Your suggestion was sound, and Blastoise impressive, but Bill had to give the inquiry some thought, “Rope, huh? Hmm. If you go up the beach a little bit, the shack might have some rope for you, or by the docks. Otherwise you could ask around. It looks like some people are coming back already.” It also looked like some were only returning to collect their things, wary that the Feraligatr was still lying on the beach. It would eventually recover, after all, still hungry and with wounded pride. That was a recipe for disaster even if it was nursing wounds, especially if it woke up without its Croconaw goons. Your plan is sound and approved, but missing a key item. What do you do?
Terra was pretty tired, so he planted his heavy body down in the sand while he let his legs rest. While he wasn’t crazy about children climbing all over his shell, as Gary predicted, he couldn’t help but smugly accept the children’s praise over his impressive victory. Meanwhile, Gary was getting the rundown from Bill. According to Bill, there was a shack not too far away where he might be able to find the rope that he needed to secure the sleeping Feraligatr. Other than that, Gary might be lucky to find a beachgoer nearby who had what he was looking for.

For now, time was of the essence, as who knew how much longer the sleeping Feraligatr might lay dormant. Keeping a close eye on it, Gary turned to face Raphael. “Hey Raph, I’m going to go look for some rope. While I’m gone, would you keep an eye on this big guy? If it wakes up, you know what to do.” The Blastoise smiled and nodded, crossing his arms. Being a bit of a bruiser on Gary’s team, Raphael had no qualms with putting down an already worn out Feraligatr. Especially with the knowledge of its current history as a beach bully.

Now that he was ready to tie up loose ends, Gary started making his way down the beach in the direction of the shack. “Hey, do you have any rope I could borrow?” he asked of a few people on the beach as he walked. He had planned to keep asking anyone he saw until he eventually made it to his destination. The sooner he got the Feraligatr out of there, the better.
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