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Sandaa: Bill and the children laughed and clapped as you nosed around and swung about your new Torterra's back. “I want a go!” Marissa complained, and Josie rolled her eyes.
“Me, too, or just... To pet him. The grass seems soft. He needs pets for a job well done.” Joe mumbled, possibly affected by a mixture of shock and amazement for everything he had witnessed. His innocent and much calmer hopes had Josie's expression softening, and the three quietened to see how the Phanpy would react.

It looked like your energy really had, literally, put him on the back foot, but he hadn't fled yet. The quivering elephant looked at all of the people, and saw Azu and Toma nodding in agreement besides Bill, seeming to encourage him. Regardless, he was still unsure. “Well, it is a big decision.” The other trainer had to say, to ease the tension, “Why don't you take the Feraligatr while it's still knocked out somewhere down the coast or off the beach while the kids and I let everyone know it's safe to come back? It'll give you both time to calm down and to get to know each other, and if Phanpy wants to go he can just run off. We'll meet you back where you found us, yeah?” The other man offered. The elephant was still hesitant, but didn't seem to be rejecting the proposal. What do you do?
As Gary expected, the Phanpy was still pretty hesitant about joining his team right away. It was a lot to take in during such a short period of time, so Gary understood why it was still acting skittish. To break the tension, Bill suggested Gary give it some time to make its decision while he go relocate the unconscious Feraligatr further down the coast to another part of the beach. “Sure, I don’t see why not,” Gary replied, ever eager to be of help. In the meantime, it would give him more chances to further explore the area, something he had intended to do from the start.

“You did plenty enough for now Terra, why don’t you stay here and rest? Maybe you can give Phanpy some company if it wants any, and in the very least you can give the children a ride on your back.” Turning to face Bill, Gary had an alternate plan in mind of how to move the Feraligatr out of here. According to his Pokedex, the big alligator weighed nearly 200 lbs, something far too heavy to be dragging across the sand; he would have much better luck taking it through the water where it would be weightless.

Pulling out a Pokeball, Gary gave it a quick toss to reveal yet another giant turtle. It was Raphael the Blastoise, formerly of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles gang. Raphael looked over at Terra, his friend and teammate appearing much larger than he had remembered. Gary turned to face Bill and asked, “Do you have any rope we could use? If we tie it to the Feraligatr, Raphael can drag it through the water no problem!”
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