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Sandaa: It was a total surprise, one that had not been hinted or planned at all, for Terra to arrive at his final form. Super cool, so cool that your typo was very appropriate, because if you were even slightly more unlucky or the narrator felt daring and sadistic enough, that Feraligatr would have you and Phanpy for starters-- even if Terra would probably kill it in the process. Worth it for the revenge. Unfortunately this gig comes with rules, so this is one adventure you might actually live through. Miraculous.

Terra is delighted and maybe even a little bashful at your fuss, and although he can't see it, the three kids are just as excited for him. You know for a fact that one of those children will at least pretend to ride his ass, while another will most certainly pet him and say how good and strong he is-- especially after witnessing this performance. “That's one strong and healthy Torterra,” Bill admired as the final Croconaw took a slew of attacks from his own team members, looking near-ready to drop, “Congratulations, Gary and Terra. Let's finish this off, shall we?”

You do so, with the repetition one person totally didn't ask for, and something not-shiny but new. The mega drain seeps into the seething, wild-eyed water-type yet again, holding it hostage for longer. Terra looked the picture of health, as a branch from one of his trees extended and transformed, then came down on the brute like an actual wooden hammer. It was probably overkill, but every spectator took relief and satisfaction in the Feraligatr being downed, and after the whole mess, Terra had gained three levels to show for his efforts.

“Well, that's a relief...” Bill sighed out, taking a moment to scold the children for not staying back as he had commanded before. He withdrew a Net Ball, tossing it at one of the Croconaw to capture for his own, and then another-- presumably for Dennis, who had waited behind. “I'll have the Feraligatr moved, I think, some distance from the beach. Nobody wants another round of this,” He gestured to the almost empty beach, but there were people who had been watching and were now cheering and clapping for you and Terra. Bless. “What will you do now?”
Gary pumped his fist for real this time as Terra knocked Feraligatr over the head with a powerful wooden branch from his tree and the gigantic alligator finally went down. “That was amazing! Great work Terra!” he called out, running over to pat his Torterra on the head. Lost in the excitement of the moment, Gary found himself climbing up on Terra’s shell, inspecting the impressive biology and symbiosis of reptile and tree. Terra let out a triumphant sigh, and toting his trainer on his back like Gary weighed no more than a paper weight, turned around to approach the Phanpy.

Snapping out of his revelry, Gary quickly grabbed onto a branch and swinging on it like a monkey bar, leapt off of the turtle’s back and onto the sand below. “Phanpy! You’re safe now!” Gary exclaimed, happy, but trying to not be too zealous and scare it off. He watched as Bill collected the pair of Croconaws to join his and his brother’s collections before turning back to face Phanpy. “Where did you come from anyway?” Gary asked, scratching his head, “You seem like you’re a far way away from home…”

It was no secret that Gary had longed to have a Phanpy of his very own. All you had to do was check his memakyu. However, he didn’t want to pressure such a life changing decision onto the young elephant, opting to give it the option to choose its fate instead. “If you’ve got nowhere to go, you’re welcome to join us on our journey! I’ve got a lot of Pokemon you can make friends with too!”
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