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Sandaa: You called out to your Pokemon, the pride in his performance easily conveying through your voice. It seemed to resonate with Phanpy, whose gaze drifted between the two of you in awe-- and all of a sudden, he is trumpeting his support, too. Terra seemed to notice this, glancing back at the both of you even as the Feraligator changes tack from water gun to ice fang again. Your mega drain was well timed.

Once again, the Grotle recovers some from the hits he endured, and he shoves the still-raging Feraligatr back. That only bolsters its attack power, but before the opponent can do more, it's sealed in another sand tomb and taking a seed bomb to the face. Oh, boy. You began to panic as the bigger Pokemon was once again freed from his tomb, faster this time, as a result of your own move weakening the structure and its enhanced strength. Close enough to cause some real trouble, Feraligatr reacts with an angered and audible crunch on the tank. Terra cried out, but is undeterred. In fact, he is so determined to win that he begins to shine. The Feraligatr is blinded and forcibly dislodged from its prey, and behind you you here some youthful amazement-- the three children have been stood behind the entire time, watching the battles going on before them. Terra grew greater in size, and when the light died down, his little growths had flourished into full trees, shell wider and trimmed in white. He was a terror alright-- a Torterra! No, I'm not leaving, you get out.

“Wow! Cool! He evolved!” The single boy exclaimed, to which one of the girls answered 'duh'. Feraligatr looked a bit intimidated, but it's too late to back out now, especially as Bill had already felled one of the Croconaw. It was a matter of pride. Feraligatr leered, and in its desperation, flailed. That was going to hurt, but you've got this. What next?
While he continued to cheer on his tough turtle, Gary couldn’t help but wonder how many more hits Terra could take from this aggressive opponent. However, he didn’t want to shed any doubts on his Pokemon’s confidence, so he continued to cheer him on. Much to Gary’s surprise the timid Phanpy behind him let loose a trumpet to offer its support to Terra as well. As the Feraligatr looked as nasty as ever, it lunched lunged forward and chomped its massive jaws down on Terra’s hard shell.

That’s when something miraculous happened. Gary couldn’t believe his eyes as Terra began to glow a bright white before his body began to expand bigger and bigger to the point that Feraligatr could no longer hold his shell in its mouth and was forced to take a step back. Terra’s legs became stout, like tree trunks, while his head became armored. Three impressive spikes grew from one side of his shell, while on the other half, the sapling of a mighty oak tree sprouted. The sapling grew taller and wider at an incredible rate, branches shooting out in all directions and quickly coated in leaves.

As the glowing finally ceased, a brand new Pokemon stood before Gary. “I can’t believe it!” Gary exclaimed, nearly forgetting the direness of the situation and running up to inspect his gigantic turtle. “That’s amazing! Congratulations, Terra!” Terra smiled and swayed back and forth, shaking the leaves on his mighty tree. The Feraligatr bellowed, ready to launch a desperation attack to turn the tides back in its favor. Snapping out of his awe, Gary turned his focus back to the battle at hand. “Why don’t we try out one of your new techniques, Terra? But first, we’re going to need to make sure you have plenty of health! Hit it with a pair of back to back Mega Drains and then really let it have it with a Wood Hammer!” Unable to wipe the grin off his face, Gary was determined to see Terra’s newfound powers in action.
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