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(Sorry, I completely forgot about Aster and Hazel's conversation until now.)

Robin wasn't quite sure what to say as Millicent thanked her for relaying Telpo's finals words. Even after the Timburr mentioned Telpo's last gift to her, the Electric type specialist only gave Millicent a small, sympathetic smile.

"Umm..when you're ready...we should probably return to the others." Robin said.
"Unless you want to stay here of course...I'm not trying to force you into anything. What I'm trying to say is...take all the time you need." The young trainer finished.
She couldn't help but feel slightly awkward at bringing the subject up in the first place, but the young woman want to seem like she was ignoring the Timburr either...
Upon seeing Keith and Jack's reactions to the sandwiches, Cayenne's eyes started to light up.

"Really? Thank you so much!" The Torchic exclaimed.
"Iwasn'tquitesureifiwasdoingitrightandiwasreallyco ncernedabouthowthebac-" Cayeene continued, talking way too fast for anyone to understand him.

"Oh umm...Cayenne. I think you uh...might need to slow down." Tessa suggested.

"Huh? Oh right! Sorry!" Cayenne apologized. "It's really hard to slow down for other people sometimes! I just want to express myself as quick as possible!"
"Is that really umm...all it takes?" Tessa questioned, having turned her attention back to Meowth. "I'm sure any of her friends would have done the same, there's uh...nothing special about me."
"It just umm...seemed like the right thing to do." The Cosplay Pikachu added. "I uh...wouldn't be much of a friend if I went against her wishes."
"What do I like to do?" Hazel repeated. "Well I......I like swimming i guess. I was better as an Eevee though. Now I-I've gotta make sure not to shock anyone."
"So....what do you like to do?" The Jolteon questioned.
Though his charm proved to be successful, Voltaire couldn't help but cry out as Anion slammed into him with a quick attack! It wasn't pain though, more out of shock then anything else. After all, any power the attack held had been greatly lowered due to the effects of Voltaire's charm.

Now was the time to retaliate! Gathering energy into his finger, the Emolga began to wiggle it back and fourth, summoning a random move with his Metronome. With this new move fresh in his mind, Voltaire began to gather up his Dark thoughts, before converting it into raw energy!
The sky squirrel Pokemon then fired a Pulse of the wicked energy out at his opponent! Even with Anion trapped in her current state, there was no way Voltaire was about to go easy on her!
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