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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Sandaa: Resolving to gain the Phanpy's trust through defending his life, you also make sure to defend Terra's. Your own strategising wasn't to be outdone by Bill's, whose Pokemon were handling the Croconaw duo exceptionally well. Naturally for a Grotle, Terra was going nowhere fast, but speed was sacrificed for strength and shielding-- Feraligatr was slowed by the barrage of knife-like leaves, and even when it finally got to your poor grass type, the ice fang's effectiveness wasn't as much as it should have been. That didn't even matter. The mega drain enveloped Feraligatr in a shocking green light, the Pokemon crying out in horror as its energy was drained. It was as if Terra had barely felt a thing.

The oversized challenger was, naturally, more upset by this development, and with even more rage, brings itself down to bite at the terrapin. While jaws were down on Terra, Feraligatr struck up close with a powerful water gun. Really, that might have been more like watering Terra's little trees, but between three attacks in turn, Terra still looked quite uncomfortable despite being a tank of a Grotle. Phanpy looked on, shaking still and worried for your ally. What do you do?
Gary watched helplessly as his Grotle took an onslaught of attacks from the angry Feraligatr. Being a mere human, there was little he could do to ease his Pokemon’s pain other than to use his intelligence to position Terra in a more favorable situation. However, ultimately in the end being up close and personal against this behemoth of an opponent was right where Terra needed to be. It was a double edged sword; in order for Terra to be most effective in battle, he would need to be in the place where he would be in range of Feraligatr’s deadliest attacks. Such was the role of the tank.

“You’re doing great, Terra!” Gary called out to his Pokemon, who was busy shaking off the excess water from Feraligatr’s latest attack. Believe it or not, Terra was faring much better than Gary could possibly imagine, in his opinion. Terra might be the smaller of the two combatants, but the type advantage was on his side, something Gary hoped to continue to make use of. “Okay Terra, let’s keep it up! Don’t let it retreat by forming a wall with Sand Tomb so it has to stay within your range! Follow it up with another Mega Drain and then when it’s least expecting it, blast it with a Seed Bomb!”

Terra nodded slowly as he took in Gary’s strategy while bracing himself for another hard-fought round of battle. Gary continued to keep his focus on the battle at hand, but every now and then he would glance back to check and make sure the Phanpy was still going okay. “Don’t worry little guy, we’ve got this!” he said, trying to offer reassurance.
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