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Sandaa: Your feelings towards the cowering Phanpy meant that today, love must prevail, even if it's at the loss of natural order. In all fairness, as Bill and Dennis would likely agree, it would be best to put these rampaging creatures in check before they started going through abandoned property for food or decided to take the leg off any appetising tourists, so it's all probably good in the hood.

Bill starts things off for his opponents, ordering Toma the Treecko to use agility, giving the already swift Pokemon an edge over the stomping water-types. Azu uses helping hand to support a draining move for her ally, and then sets to rolling along the beach, sand flying up, causing more mess for those whose things have been left behind, but also serving to lower the accuracy of irate enemies. It's apparent even at this early stage that the children had been right: Bill was a tough trainer, one whose talents on the battlefield had not waned in retirement-- and if they had, well shit, he never should have given up his gym run to become a store manager.

Meanwhile, you make your own assault. The Feraligatr is trapped in a sand tomb, painful stones set down to pain the beast further when he finally broke free. It roared its displeasure, eyes narrowed, but you ignore that for the moment. Phanpy wasn't sure where to look until you approached, however, he looks glad that you did. With a few sniffles and a cry, it darts sideways a little, as if remembering how to avoid the rolling water that kept adding to his discomfort. He comes towards you, running to stop a bit behind you rather than into your arms, and his brown eyes set upon the Feraligatr again. Said Feraligatr was tired of your shit, Sherlock.

Raging over a victim potentially lost, the Pokemon's teeth light up a white blue, and it bites down on the rock formation; claws also coming down with force. It appeared to be using ice fang, the element coursing through the weak points of the tomb, water pouring from the beast's gullet to further weaken the tomb. The structure soon breaks apart, and the monster roars yet again, tripping over the stones as he tried to come for you. Lulz. As it is, you've got the region's angriest (and clumsiest) predator on your hands, and it's now storming towards Terra with surprising speed, scary face frightening your turtle boi. What do?
After watching the scared Phanpy run behind him to use him as a human shield instead of running into his open arms, Gary smiled and let out an amused sigh. He knew that trust with a wild Pokemon wouldn’t be that easy to win over, and this was a good enough start. He resolved to protect this terrified elephant with everything that he had, planting himself firmly in the sand to act as a barrier between Phanpy and the ravenous Feraligatr.

Gary watched as Terra in turn acted as his own shield, standing between the trainer and the predator. The Grotle’s attempt at stalling Feraligatr by trapping it in a tomb of sand and rocks seemed successful at first, but the gigantic blue alligator wouldn’t be hindered that easily as it took its lumps and charged forward, fangs bared. Its teeth had an icy sheen to them, alerting Gary to the fact that this next attack would be one that Terra would not enjoy. He figured that either evasive maneuvers would be in order or the terrapin would need to stand his ground and brace for a painful impact.

Unfortunately for Terra, he was not the most agile of reptiles, and the Feraligatr’s Scary Face seemed to lock the Grotle’s legs in place with its piercing glare. For now, there would be no alternative. “Alright Terra, you can do this!” Gary called out, hoping to encourage his Pokemon. “Slow its charge down with a Razor Leaf and then brace for impact with a Curse! Once it’s within range, sap some of its health with a Mega Drain!”
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