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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Missingno. Master: The Pokemon world was massive, and even in most frightening times was it fascinating. After all your time as a trainer, there are still new species to discover, and it appears the Wishiwashi was one of them in both of its forms. As it is, you were clearly an expert at handling things under pressure, because you got your Pokemon together expertly well. Meowth's hypnosis made its mark, and that bought you some time, but once reflect wore off, the boat would probably be back to shaking you off... And the School would awaken eventually.

Aquarius dove down, leaving his friends to aid you. Down and down he went, Jack sat shakily behind you and was praying for the best. Aquarius descended to the very bottom of the lake, searching eyes having found a whole lot of swiped lures, as well as some abandoned alcohol bottles and what seemed to be wrappers or packets of some kind. Whatever made the lures so alluring to begin with had probably driven Wishiwashi mad lingering around like that, and with traces of alcohol and food and noisy litterers... Well. No wonder they'd lost their minds.

The male scooped up as many lures as he could, but it wasn't like his tentacles were really the best appendages for the job. Some fumbled or slipped from grip, and between that and the sheer amount of mess to clear, the dual type would have to make multiple trips. Returning slowly so as to lose less, Aquarius dumped some of the stuff on the small deck of the boat-- just in time to see Wishiwashi wake up. Maybe it wasn't tired, but something had affected it to make it look that way? Still, Meowth's hypnosis wasn't going to be as effective here, and once the creature remembered itself, it looked tearful. Jack felt his combative spirit lower, as did Aster and Neville – but not Pisces, who'd been craving a fight since this mess started. She didn't fall for it. Which was good, because the Wishiwashi went straight in for a take down. What do you do?
Meowth was able to buy some time by lulling the school to sleep, and Aquarius made her way down to the bottom of the lake to fetch the lures. And while she was down there, she learned just how maddening it really was down there, between the lures and the litter, and the traces of booze, and the food, and all the noise, noise, noise, noise- no wonder the Wishiwashi were going nuts! The female Tentacruel scooped up as many lures as she could- Tentacruel tentacles weren't exactly the ideal tool for such a task, and even with eighty of them at her disposal, the cleanup would require multiple trips.

"...Oh, crap," Keith groaned, for just as Aquarius returned with her first load of lures, Wishiwashi woke up. And the lake was nowhere near clean enough to calm them down! Knowing they were hungry didn't help much- the entire contents of Keith's Berry Bag was unlikely to be enough to satisfy the whole school! Were they really tired, or did they simply look that way for some reason? Keith couldn't fathom what this could be, so he didn't really try- he stayed more focused on the minor detail that this beast was attacking them- first with a rather Tearful Look that appeared to soothe the combative spirits of Aster and Neville. Which wasn't exactly helpful, considering this was looking more and more inevitably like a battle. Though Keith couldn't help but recognize that that move might be something good to use against this thing- making it less combative could only be a good thing, he reasoned.

"Bascu! Basculin!!!"

Keith blinked. Pisces was unaffected by the Tearful Look. Wishiwashi might have a massive size advantage, but Keith had confidence in his Basculin. And right now, with Aster and Neville weakened by Tearful Look, Aquarius going back down to retrieve more lures, and Wishiwashi coming in for the Take Down, Keith knew he had to have confidence in his Basculin. Which he did. Pisces, he knew, was tough.

"It's all you, Pisces, so let's do this!" Keith exclaimed. "Rage attack, let's go! Once that's powered you up some, go right into a Waterfall attack, and follow up with Aqua Tail!"

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