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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Crystal Grove.

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: The thought of running into the Claydol definitely on your mind, you opt to heed caution and take the safer option of the left path. With agreement overall, you veer left, leaving behind the shattered Sigilyph, while wondering how such a move could be so devastating.

The path winds down the street, and ventures into an underpass, which you file into with you taking the lead, Meowth behind you, followed by Amanda and Andromeda, with the Seviper taking the back. The alleys are indeed rather narrow, being only two feet wide, forcing you to shuffle slightly and the Starmie to head through sideways, which she shows slight discomfort towards, but accepts that it is better than being detected by the Claydol. The slow progress is met with occasional booms throughout the city, and leaving little imagination to the source of the booms, nor the aftermath. Shivering at the thought, you are poked by Meowth who points out a doorway, which would keep you further hidden, and the group opts to head inside.

The ruined building's interior is marked with dust, broken down stone furnishings here and there, while the stairwells are crumbled and upper floors inaccessible. Taking a moment to shake yourselves off of the cramp threatening to slow your progress, the darkened rooms are still light enough to see each other within. It is at this point that Andromeda's gem lights up once more, giving you the news that the Claydol has appeared to wander off.

"Th-that's great..." the woman whispers, still fearful and shaken given the recent happenings, "we should be fairly close to th-the stairwell out of here..."

After the brief pause, you and the group venture further, taking care to avoid the ancient slumbering remains of the prior occupants, the human bones dusty and cracked, having lain for decades or longer. Catching sight of an opening, you carefully poke your head out and look around, finding the coast is clear. Motioning them out, Meowth and Amanda exit the building, followed by the starfish and serpent, and as you get your bearings you find the exit you seek, just down the road, around the corner and up a flight of steps to an ornate archway into a tunnel. Easy. Before you can move however, Andromeda hums, her voice displaying regret and an air of urgency.

'For the love of Arceus, it's found us...'

Your heart sinks as your attention is caught from a menacing hum from the building, and swallowing hard as Meowth begins to whimper, you find hovering just above the building you were in, which has begun to take on a faint green hue that gives you the feeling of impending doom, one hate-filled Claydol, body studded with gemstones - no, you know now these are no ordinary gems, but what appear to be Z-Crystals, each one shimmering with the same green hue inside the building as the creature is surrounded by the energy of the crystals, of which the energy seems to be building up within the building. Escape would be highly advised...
The path they chose was indeed a narrow one- as they made their way through, Keith had to kind of shuffle on an angle, while Andromeda had to outright turn sideways. The Starmie wasn't especially comfortable with this, but then, she figured, she'd be even less comfortable with getting discovered by that Claydol. With that sort of perspective, she suddenly didn't mind going sideways anymore.

Occasionally a loud boom echoed throughout the city. Each boom sent a shiver down Keith's spine, as he had a pretty damn good idea as to the source of said boom. All he could do was wonder, what the hell kind of Ice move could have such a devastating effect? Whatever hit Sigilyph was no mere Ice Beam, everyone was in agreement on that point. A thought occurred to Keith as he started thinking about the circumstances- an absurdly overpowered attack from a gemstone-encrusted Claydol? When thinking about powerful attacks and gemstones simultaneously, one's natural instinct would be to consider Z-Moves. It seemed absurd to Keith, but then, he'd seen enough to know that sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. A Z-Crystal-studded Claydol that was its own Z-Ring? It sure sounded absurd... but then, that devastating Ice move... that could've been the Ice-type Z-Move, couldn't it? That would explain the overwhelming power...

Meowth interrupted Keith's train of thought by poking him. "In here," he whispered, gesturing to a doorway. Keith nodded, and with that, the group headed inside. The interior of the house was just as decrepit and run-down as the rest of the city in which it resided. The stairs were crumbled and destroyed with age, meaning only the ground floor was accessible to them. But this wasn't a problem- all they really needed was some room to stretch, so as to not cramp up and thus slow down their progress unnecessarily. Plus, in here, they were very likely well-hidden from Claydol, which was, as far as Keith was concerned, a very welcome notion.

As if in response to this occurring to Keith, he heard Andromeda's voice in his head. Claydol has wandered away, she reported to the room.

"Phew," Keith sighed in relief. He nodded at Amanda's words, smiling hopefully. "That's good- let's get the hell outta here, then," he stated.

And so that's what they did. Once they were ready to move, they exited the house, taking care to avoid the various human remains, and they headed down the path once more. And at last, an opening showed itself. Keith grinned- just around the corner, there was a flight of stairs leading to the entrance of a tunnel. This was surely the way out! This-


Keith's grin started to fade. Andromeda's voice in his head, with such urgency in its telepathic tone, could hardly bode well. "...I'm almost afraid to ask," he whispered.

For the love of Arceus, it's found us...

Slowly, as though hoping that it might have vanished somehow by the time he turned to face it, Keith turned around. But no such luck- hovering above the building they had just vacated was the Claydol. And as Keith looked upon the gemstones that adorned its body, he knew his theory was correct- those were unmistakably Z-Crystals.

"...Oh, crap," Meowth whimpered. The building Claydol was hovering above was now stockpiling immense amounts of green energy, very likely in preparation for another Z-Move. Marvolo glared warily at the Claydol- much as he'd love to prove himself against such a formidable foe, he did have a family to think about, a family who surely wouldn't appreciate his untimely demise.

"...Yeah, let's get the hell outta here," Keith whispered. "Andromeda, divert its attention with Spotlight. Anywhere will do, as long as it's not on us or in our way. Then pick up Amanda with Psychic, and let's haul ass. Marv, if it turns its attention back on us, use Haze to cover our escape." The Seviper and Starmie both nodded their understanding of these orders, and proceeded to carry them out. Ideally before the Claydol's Z-Move. Marvolo, however, had another plan in mind, just in case their escape efforts came to naught- if it came down to a battle, and only if it came down to a battle, he would let that Claydol taste his Shadow Storm attack.

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