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Originally Posted by Toyo View Post
134: Uhane dutifully takes to the skies, her wings struggling to gain lift. She finds enough of it to hover over the canopy above. The green seems to stretch on for quite a while - while the Mints are generally small islands, there’s more than enough space for anything at all to live on them. At first, your shining Rowlet doesn’t notice much: just light greens, dark greens, blue- wait, that’s just Kai - medium greens, maybe some mint greens, grey, maybe some more dark greens. Wait, grey?

You hear a squawk from above as Uhane drops back down. She takes a moment to try her best to convey the information to you - smoke, somewhere further onwards. It’s apparently not too far. The bird points out the direction to you, so you understand the rough idea at least. There’s some sort of civilization up ahead. Although, who knows how friendly they could really be? They’re alone out here for some reason, apparently… Your mind isn’t allowed to wander for long, as something immediately catches your attention.

After Uhane is done explaining herself, you, looking directly at her, hear something that sounds just like it should be coming from her beak. But nothing has moved. A squawking noise that rose above the other gentle hums of the jungle. Definitely Rowlet sounding, your Bird Keeper ears tell you, but Uhane sure didn’t make it. Uhane looks around, turning the full 360 degrees, and neither of you can spot anything in the dense jungle that would make it seem right. Another squawk - definitely from the same direction as where Uhane directed you. With all sorts of information presented (some clearer than others, certainly), what will you do?

Tate watched in awe as Uhane took flight above them. It was a sight having been seen dozens, maybe hundreds of times before, but it was nonetheless inspiring to watch her touch the sky. Grounded, the bird keeper could only imagine what she was seeing; what she was feeling...

Until she plummeted to the earth with an unceremonious screech. Tate recoiled on pure instinct as the seafoam green bird dropped like a stone, but had enough sense to extend an arm for the Rowlet to perch on, sharp talons pricking delicate, lightly tanned flesh as she gripped a freckled forearm. Tate made a mental note to invest in a falconer's glove. How did the bird keeper live this long without owning a falconer's glove?! Uhane was making a racket from her position on her trainer's limb. Tate focused.

Uhane didn't speak the human tongue; very few Pokémon did. Her trainer didn't speak the language of Pokémon; how man humans did? Nevertheless, she endeavored to explain what she had seen in the sky above. She shook out her feathers, puffing them up; Tate just stared. She chirped and warked and barked and cooed. Tate stared more. She looked to Kai for help, and the Vaporeon belched up a mouthful of steam in an attempt to approximate smoke, herself having clearly understood what Uhane was trying to say -- Tate grimaced, clueless but disturbed. Finally, Uhane grew fed up and fluttered from her trainer's arm, lunging with both talons open towards Tate's belt.

Tate screamed as Uhane grabbed hold of one of the Luxury balls clipped to the braided leather strap, and after a bit of wrestling between the two, the bird prevailed, yanking it free. She flew away a few feet and dropped it to the ground, where it bounced a couple of times before striking the button and releasing the Pokémon inside: a Houndoom. Pouli looked around, a bit confused to find herself in a forest, only to be all the more bewildered by a Rowelet aggressively shoving herself in her face. Uhane's beak clattered as she chattered away at Pouli, who recoiled slightly from the frustrated bird, but nonetheless listened. After a few moments and several confirming nods, she turned to her trainer, and opened her mouth, ejecting a thick ball of Smog. Tate coughed, and fanned the smoke away, but dawning finally settled on the Johto native's features.

"Oh-...Ohhhh," Tate hummed, as Uhane fluttered up with an expectant look on her face. "You saw smoke. Which way?"

Uhane made a gesture in the general direction, fluttering a few feet one way before looping back towards her trainer. Tate nodded, and looked to Pouli and Kai, a strange eagerness flashing behind corrective lenses. An adventure -- the unknown! This is what they had come here for. Tate grinned, almost maniacally. Uhane landed on her trainer's shoulder, and was perhaps poised to issue a complaint, but never got the chance, though that isn't to say a Rowlet wasn't heard -- the very familiar coo of the Grass Quill species echoed through the wood, and from the direction which Uhane had indicated the smoke originating, no less. The group fell silent, listening for the call, and when it echoed again, Tate grew absolutely electric with excitement. The Pokémon knew what was coming before it even happened, and a moment later Tate broke out into a run, bolting towards the sound. With little recourse but to follow, Kai and Pouli took off after their trainer, while Uhane took flight, just over the shoulder of the bird keeper.

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