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I used Skarmory as a proxy for Mechanical Beasts, as it's a Steel-type and is "hollow" on the inside to facilitate flying.

Most of Mazinger's attacks I've used as double-strength versions of other powerful moves:

Photon Beam: 300 Power (double strength Hyper Beam)
Breast Fire: 240 Power (double strength Fire Blast)
Rocket Punch: 200 Power (double strength Iron Tail)

A +5 Mega Metagross with this double-strength Iron Tail will OHKO Skarmory. Since STAB is factored in, I would then guess Mazinger's attack stat to be at 405, and his Sp. Attack at 473, because Mazinger's special is higher than his physical and he relies in the STAB to come close in damage to the others.


Attack 405
Sp. Attack 473
Sp. Defense
Speed: 158

That same attack (Rocket Punch) did damage to Mazinger Z in Shin, but not significantly. Mega Metagross would take 6 hits to KO a max defense, +6 Skarmory, so we can conservatively estimate the defense stat at 1530.

Attack 405
Defense 1530
Sp. Attack 473
Sp. Defense
Speed: 158

Special Defense I dunno? Rust Hurricane could hurt Mazinger in the show. It has powerful defense but not a lot of bulk or speed. So I would imagine the Special Defense to be a lot lower, as would the HP.
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