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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Frosty Fjord - Surrounding the western docks are tall cliffs that dip into the seas below. Due to the largely leeward positioning of these cliffs and the winds the long shadows they cast over the seas below, the area is a good bit colder than the rest of the island, but just cold enough to accommodate the average Ice-type without making most Pokémon too uncomfortable. Some claim these fjords to be haunted by the souls of those who have crashed against their rocky faces, and while these claims are unsubstantiated for the most part, Ghost Pokémon do seem to be attracted to the area, particularly to the occasional abandoned shipwrecks that can be found deep within the fjords... Please use azure.
Absinthe | Ezra | Momo

Cheeky's Pokemon stepped out onto the icy plains, it wasn't too cold to be unpleasant... but the Pokemon still found it uncomfortable. All except Ezra, who seemed to be having the time of his life. He floated around, taking note of his two female companions and playing off of it just to annoy them. He knew of the rumours surrounding this place, all the hauntings... he was sure it was just some ghost Pokemon who loved to cook up a good prank. He glanced at the two girls, Momo in particular seemed to be shaking in her boots. He drifted over to her, gazing at her pink fur.

"Are you cold, darling?" He asked, always the charmer. Absinthe scoffed and stuck her nose in the air... she never seemed to like any males that came her way. Although on a team of all girls except for himself... who could blame her? Momo froze for a moment before making eye contact with Ezra, she could see a large grin plastered across his smug face. He had been riling them up with ghost stories since they got here! How was she supposed to stay calm and explore when he was acting like this?

"N-no!" She stammered out, looking down towards the ground. Her paw pads were getting a little chilly... maybe she should've worn those little mittens that Cheeky bought for her. "I'm j-just... excited!" She gave a false grin, she was sure Ezra could see right through it but she didn't exactly want him to mock her any further. Ezra laughed to himself, he loved bothering Momo! She was so easy to read... and that pitiful ability she had made her so greatly uncomfortable. It was fun to just pick at her like a dry scab, but he knew eventually she might get upset. He glanced ahead, there was really nothing in sight... it was impossible to tell if they would find anything of interest. Why had Cheeky decided here of all places? She was such a sweet girl... you'd think she'd want them to explore the Starlight Summit and maybe snap a few photos or something --- not some spooky frozen fjord. Although, Ezra really didn't mind. It was his kind of place. And the ghost types fluttering around reminded him of home, flourishing with his ghost type companions and brothers. Now, he was stuck with three girls who were all brats. Cheeky was quite sweet, but there was something about her he couldn't place... something just felt, off, about their trainer.

"Are we there yet?" Piped up Absinthe, her gruff voice could probably be heard from miles away. She was obviously not thrilled on coming... it made Ezra wonder why Cheeky had sent her. Mei certainly didn't get to come out as much... and her calm temperament would be greatly appreciated out here in the cold. Ezra sighed and looked ahead, ignoring Absinthe --- he could practically hear her fur bristling from here. He wondered what sort of goodies they would find out here...

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