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Cloud Forest: A dense forest that surrounds the base of the mountain. The trees are home to many kinds of bug, grass, and bird Pokemon as well as many others. A woodcutter’s cabin is home to one of the two trial leaders for the Galea Foothills. A Mossy Rock can be found deep within the forest. (Please reply in limegreen)
Isaac stood at the entrance to the forest. He had never been crazy about walking through forest... especially not ones of this size. However, Vinny looked particularly determined. The small Eevee stood at his side, shaking with excitement. She was finally going to be the Leafeon she had always dreamed of, she couldn't wait! It would finally be like she was an adult, her teammates would get a kick out of her when they saw her new form. Isaac smiled at the Eevee, she had been with him through the best... and the worst. She had seen sides of him that he never wanted to admit he had, and yet, she stuck close to him. Maybe it was pity, but maybe it was something else. He lit a cigarette and pulled it to his lips, he knows it's a filthy habit that will kill you eventually, but it's better than craving the other stuff. He didn't even want to think of his past at this point --- it was supposed to be Vinny's day, not his.

Vinny shot him a somewhat angered look, almost saying something along the lines of 'you smell gross' or 'I wish you didn't smoke'. He chuckled and leaned down to pet her head, smiling as he did so. "I promise I'll stop one day... just... maybe not in the near future." He smirked at her and she rolled her eyes, almost as if to say 'Yes Mr. Casanova... that's what you always say.'. Her eyes darted back towards the forest, her fur bristling with all sorts of anticipation. She couldn't wait to find that beautiful rock, resting her paws upon it and evolving into what she always dreamed.

"Why Leafeon?" Isaac asked, not exactly expecting a true reply. Vinny crouched on her haunches and batted a flower, she had always been a nature lover... he supposed Leafeon really was the most fitting prospect for the young Eevee. "I think I gotcha..." He smiled, plucking the flower from the ground and pushing it behind the Eevee's ear. "Cute as usual." He smiled and Vinny let out a small blush in response, "Y'know Vin, once you're evolved we can change my act a lot. We can work something out around your evolution... it'll be great!" She gave a playful nod, beginning to trot towards the forest.

"Okay, okay. I get it, I'm talking too much. Let's get going." Isaac plucked his cigarette from his lips and tossed it to the ground, stamping it out on the grass with his shoe before continuing his walk. To the Moss Stone they went, with the headstrong Vinny leading the pack.

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