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Maskerade- The Lombre seem delighted when you accept their offer, they happily toss you the Big Pearl before each picking up a Water Stone. They head off down the beach, big grins on their faces, they had profited from the little exchange. With nothing to stop them from making their delivery for the Gastrodon, the Staryu and Munchlax make their way back towards the hot springs.

This time they manage to make it through the entrance without being stopped. Weaving their way through the crowds of Pokemon, they eventually spot a large gathering of Quagsire taking up one of the larger pools of bubbling hot water. As you produce the package, one of the larger Quagsires lifts herself out of the water to collect it.

"About time our delivery got here!" As the Quagsire shouted in a loud but derpy voice, the rest of the group turn to watch the fallout."We were promised this delivery hours ago, you can forget a tip, this is terrible service!" The Quagsire snatches the parcel out of the Munchlax's arms and tears it open, revealing the contents for the whole group to see. A sea of gummis spill onto the ground, resulting in a stampede of hungry Quagsire. Thinking it wise to give the Quagsires some space, you turn around and make your way back towards the Gastrodon's shop.

The Gastrodon are waiting patiently when you return and are more than pleased to hear that you delivered the package and dealt with the Lombre in the process."Great work you two, we can't thank you enough", cheers the pink Gastrodon."Here", adds the blue Gastrodon,"take this as your reward!" The Gastrodon plops a small purple bag with a drawstring onto the counter. Munchlax gives the drawstring a tug and some Soft Sand pours out of the bag."Well, time for us to shut up shop for the day, thanks for your help!" The blue Gastrodon bids you farewell, pulling a lever that results in a large closed sign falling down over the front of the shop. Munchlax just manages to snap up the Soft Sand in time, it seems their dealings with the Gastrodon were over.

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