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Sandaa: You manage to keep your scuba-research wota side in check, and even keep the fist bump internal, too. Nice! As it is, the call to battle has distracted you, and off you go. “Stay here,” Bill added to the three children, who watch on as their brave father/uncle follows dutifully after you down the beach. Whatever has gone on there has near enough cleared the place, except for some dumb overlookers with recording devices out. The two of you find a Feraligatr by water line, flanked by Croconaw, and all three look ready to do some damage to a poor, cowering Phanpy.

“We have to do something. You ready for this?” The trainer asked, withdrawing a Poke Ball and Net Ball. Through the translucent shells, and spouting from separate beams of light, Azu and a Treecko appeared onto the sand. Both look battle ready, but are most likely disappointed to have their respite interrupted. In the distance, the Ferligatr eyed you dangerously, as if daring either human or their 'pets' to interrupt whatever was going on, and the Phanpy whimpered as the water nicked at its tough feet. As if ordering goons, the two Croconaw advanced.

“I'll handle these guys. You go and rescue that Phanpy.” Bill urged, eyes serious. What do you do?
As he dashed down the beach, sand flying with each step, Gary was joined by Bill to go investigate the source of the commotion. Upon arriving at the epicenter of the uproar, Gary spotted a trio of reptilian creatures that were acting quite aggressive and territorial on the beach. Gary identified the aggressors quickly; it was a Pokemon he knew well from his homeland of Johto. “Feraligatr… and a pair of Croconaw…” he mumbled, looking over to identify their prey. As he looked over as the small, cowering, leathery bundle, Gary’s heart sank. It was a young Phanpy, a Pokemon species he had a soft spot for. “Oh no!” he exclaimed, wracking his brain for the best way to intervene and rescue the poor elephant. While he understood and appreciated the circle of life and the gruesome qualities of nature, his heart could not stand by and let the food chain play itself out today.

Before he could utter a word, Bill had sent out a pair of Pokemon, indicating that he would hold off the two Croconaws. Gary quickly nodded and stared down the Feraligatr, who stared right back with a dangerous look in its eyes. For now, the greatest priority would be getting Phanpy out of harm’s way and away to a safer distance. After that, he would need to hold off the hungry alligators and force them to stand down. “C’mon out, Terra!” Gary called out, hurling a Pokeball. In a brief flash of light, a Grotle appeared before him as the terrapin placed himself between the Feraligatr and its prey.

“Terra, trap the Feraligatr with a Sand Tomb! While it’s distracted, set up a Stealth Rock to surround it!” As Terra nodded and dug his feet into the sand below, Gary was really counting on the terrain to work in Terra’s benefit. He then dashed over to a couple of feet away from the Phanpy and knelt down into the sand. Holding out his arms, he called over to it, “Come here little guy, I’ve got you! We’ll protect you, don’t worry!”
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