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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Missingno. Master: Despite the fact you can't swim (get on that Keith, it's a key life skill), you have at least two more solutions to your woes: A Tentacruel and Dragalge, which match your poison master aesthetic. Beneath the water, Jack flails helplessly, trying to reach the surface but caught in the turbulence as the Wishiwashi flood in here and there. Apparently the newcomers had rattled the chaotic school, who had started wailing for reinforcements from throughout the lake. Neville, Pisces and Aquarius could all see other Pokemon watching on from the distance, seeming caught between staring at the fight, or moving closer and lower to the mayhem...

“We want more! We want more food!” One of the Wishiwashi practically yelled at the dragon, if Wishiwashi could yell. If the peacekeeper really paid attention, they might see that there was something off about the way it moved. It seemed to shake, its eyes wide (as wide as those droopy lids could manage). Maybe it was sleepless, ravenous, or both? Either way, it was swept up in the current madness. Speaking of sweeping up, Aquarius' barrier had helped the boat's wear and tear considerably, even if the assailants didn't look remotely deterred. The dual type set Jack back down on deck, but one appendage still held the man's waist with enough firmness that the fisherman wouldn't go over again.

“K- Keith!” The older man coughed, hacked and spluttered, doubling over in his efforts. Jack inhaled greedily for oxygen, forced to get himself together before he could continue, “In the lake— on the bottom of the lake, I saw--” Another pause, and a forcible rattle of the boat, “The lures. Those boys must have dropped or abandoned the lures in the lake, I think that and the noise must've upset the Wishiwashi. There was more down there, too.” He panted. “We have to-- please, we have to try and clean up the lake, it might calm the fish down!”

The rattling on the boat was reducing steadily, but that wasn't necessarily a good sign. Beneath the surface, although a dragon pulse and scald had finished off two of the weaker Wishiwashi, some of the new gatherers had come together. In a flash of light and mighty splash came a giant, united Wishiwashi, and it looked hungrily... At all four of you. What now?
Neville's attempts at peacefully resolving the situation seemed to be fizzling out miserably. One of the Wishiwashi wailed something about wanting more food, but seemed relentless in its attack on the boat. Indeed, Neville realized, something didn't seem right about how the Wishiwashi was moving. It looked somewhere between sleep-deprived and ravenously hungry. And more to the point, it looked as though nonviolent solutions were out of the question...

Aquarius was able to fish Jack out of the water without problems, and her Reflect was helping keep things together. Keith listened as the fishing expert, between bouts of spitting out lake water and catching his breath, explained that he saw the missing lures at the bottom of the lake, and he speculated that between those and the noise the unseen fishermen were making, all of this must have been riling up the Wishiwashi. "The what?" Keith murmured- he'd never heard of a Wishiwashi before this, but he did understand, quite clearly, what Jack was asking of him after this. "Right," he nodded. "We'll do our best to clean it up, won't we?" he said, addressing his Pokémon.

"M-M-Mareanie," Aster nodded, shakily yet resolutely.

"Tentacruuuuel," agreed Aquarius.

At this, the assault on the boat wore down, but before Keith could breathe a sigh of relief, there came horrifyingly incontrovertible evidence that that was definitely not a good sign. What appeared to be a massive fish emerged from the lake. It almost looked as though it was made up of millions of tiny fish. "AAAAAGH!" screamed Meowth. "Wh- wh- wat is DAT?!" Keith, no longer needing to try and reel something in at this point, pointed his Pokédex at the calamitous collective.

"Wishiwashi- School Form- the Small Fry Pokémon. A Water-type," said the Pokédex. "In Solo Form, Wishiwashi is considered the weakest of all Pokémon, but it is widely feared- when in danger, it summons other Wishiwashi, and together they form the immensely powerful School Form. Even Gyarados flee from these terrifying creatures."

"Well, that bodes well!" Keith remarked sarcastically as Neville and Pisces emerged from underwater, both of them looking ready to take on this frightening fishy formation. "Geez... How are we supposed to clean up the lake if this thing looks about ready to eat us all?! We'll have to battle it!"

Meowth looked at Keith incredulously. "Yer insane!" he exclaimed. "Take on a monster like dat?!"

"Hey, we took on that giant Heatran and came out on top," argued Keith. "Besides, you got a better idea?"

"Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do," Meowth responded. "Neville's sayin' dey looked like dey wanna sleep, so I say we help 'em out wit dat."

"How- oh. OH!" Keith grinned, getting what Meowth was going for here. "Alright, then, Meowth- give your Hypnosis a shot! Neville, be ready with Protect just in case, though," he called to his Dragalge. "Aquarius, extend the Reflect to cover us as well as the boat, then Dive down and see if you can't clean up those lures from the bottom! And Pisces, don't attack just yet, but if you need to, get in the first strike with Aqua Jet! But only if you need to, OK?" Keith's Pokémon nodded at this- Aster included. Keith hadn't given her orders, but seeing her teammates ready for action seemed to be bolstering her confidence somewhat. She was ready to spring into action and use her Wide Guard should it prove necessary.

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