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War of the Roses

Team Tsareena

Meetan: Concerned that this woman had gone into some sort of shock, you retrieve the envelope from the breast pocket of her coat. Pulling it out reveals an “A” and “L” in front of the other three letters. Though this wasn’t a medical emergency, you had another problem on your hands. The Morelull looks annoyed that your shrieking is interrupting its meal. It places its small feet on the woman’s face and begins to Sap her Strength. Despite its tiny and cute appearance, this Pokemon was clearly bringing harm to this scientist. Her face was already looking haggard and malnourished. The little mushroom was cackling to itself while it enjoyed its feast. Farren created a defensive wall between you and the Morelull, giving you a chance to catch your breath. Following directions, he manifests several star-shaped projectiles and launches them forward. The attack, of course, doesn’t miss, but it hits more than just its target. Farren’s Swift successfully hits not only the Morelull, but the sleeping woman as well. This startles her awake, and she smacks her head hard against the tree behind her. She tries to say something to you, then frantically searches all of her pockets for the envelope. Once she sees it in your hand, she looks relieved, but still in a lot of pain. She holds her head in her hands to soothe her headache. Morelull, also dazed, wanders away into a group of mushrooms and takes a nap. You open up the envelope with your name on it and reveal a sparkling piece of paper.
Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Once everyone found their envelopes that included a voucher, they were instructed to bring that voucher back to the center of the entire Rose Garden itself. All of the teams seem to slowly exit their queen’s domains around the same time, it seems that everyone made progress at a similar pace so it’s hard to tell how a winner is going to be determined. As the trainers exit their quadrants, their team’s representative gardener is directly outside patiently waiting to greet them as they make their way out, that is, all except for Persimmon who is standing on the stage in the center with a microphone in his hand. “Uh… If everyone could please hand your vouchers over to your team’s gardeners that would be great.” After giving those instructions, he puts the microphone down on a stand and pulls a crumpled note out of his lab coat and begins mumbling whatever is written on it to himself. As the members begin to approach their gardeners, everyone observes that there are now several different fair games on display out here that were definitely not there before.

Team Bellossom hands their vouchers over to Peony who is smiling wide and gives each member of the team a curtsy since she loves any excuse to show off her latest dress. Team Roserade approaches Poppy and he takes the vouchers while giving each member a hearty pat on the back for a job well done. Team Lilligant turns their vouchers into Petunia who whispers to each member about how well they did in there. Meanwhile, Team Tsareena have to make their way onto the stage in order to hand their vouchers in because Persimmon got so absorbed into reading his latest notes about the hyperspectral inversion of potassium content in vegetation that he forgot to step down in order to collect them from his own team. Even when he takes them, he barely manages to pull his attention away and then shoves the vouchers inside of one of his pockets as his team makes their way back off of the stage.

After a long pause of awkward silence, Poppy finally clears his throat loudly in order to finally grab the scientist’s attention. “Oh uh…” Persimmon quickly grabs the microphone once again, causing it to briefly reverb before going back to normal. “This is the final round of the second part of the event. As you can all see, while we made sure that you were all distracted elsewhere by slowing you down with obstacles, we set up several games out here.” The other three gardeners shift around somewhat awkwardly as Persimmon proceeds to openly tell the participants that all of those obstacles were intentionally set up to buy them time. “So yeah uh, each of these games will award tickets and each of you gets to choose only three of these games to play. You want to get a lot of tickets because each ticket you earn will be added to your scores at the end… Oh, and your Pokemon are only allowed to use one attack per game.” He pauses for a moment to adjust his glasses, making them more lopsided than they already were and then turns toward the members of Team Lilligant, mistaking them for his own team. “Go Tsareena…!” After another awkward silence, he speaks into the microphone once again. “You may all begin!”

Available Games

Shooting Gallery – A game where your Pokemon needs to shoot down as many of the moving Psyduck as they can within the time limit! Keep an eye out for those rare Ducklett’s because they are worth double points! (Don’t worry, they aren’t real Pokemon)

Pachinko – A life size version of the popular Japanese arcade game where instead of balls we use Pokemon! Can your Pokemon make it into the goal?

Haunted House – If your Pokemon enjoys scaring people then this is the game for you! How many people can they scare as they pass through?

Dunk Tank – It’s simple! Just soak the target to cause the seat to drop out from underneath the gardener inside and watch as they fall into the water!

BBQ – Who knew cooking was a game? Well, everyone needs to eat! Cook up as many hot dogs and burgers as you can to make the people happy but make sure they don’t burn!

Grip Test – This is a game for Pokemon with a strong grip! All they need to do is squeeze the metal bar as tight as they can!

Milk Bottles – Knock over as many milk bottles as you can! Just remember that it takes a very strong impact to get them to fall over!

Test of Strength – Use something hard to smash the platform with all your strength! The only problem is, there is no mallet.

Inflatable Obstacle Course – Smash your way through this obstacle course of fun! Try and get to the end as fast as you can!

Bottom of the Barrel – There is a prize waiting for you at the bottom of the murky water inside the barrel. Looks like you’ll need to somehow soak up all that water!

Break the Glass – Does your Pokemon have an amazing voice? This is your chance to see if your Pokemon can reach the perfect pitch to shatter as many cups made out of glass as they can!

Charge-up Game – The lights won’t turn on! Does your Pokemon have the ability to provide the charge that they need?

Blow the Sailboat – These miniature sailboats aren’t getting anywhere without a little help. Are you the one that will help them cross the finish line?
Alice panicked when the swift attack struck the poor scientist. Most people made the mistake of thinking her Pineco was weak, but he was one of the strongest in her arsenal, and so it was a miracle that all it did was awaken the victim instead. She exhaled with relief, concerned that the Morelull was basically being left to sleep off its bad behaviour, but at least the stranger was leaving as well. Alice called out an apology, wondering aloud if it was alright to leave her to her devices. There wasn't time to pursue her with the games ongoing, so Alice merely picked the bug up and kissed his side in praise; carrying the Pokemon off towards the centre of the gardens.

Being instructed to hand off their vouchers to Persimmon made Alice cringe, and she joined her teammates in doing so, moving up to the stage with her head held high and a judgmental gleam in her blue eyes. This guy might have been smart at science, but they could have picked almost any other employee and they would have done a better job at the whole MC thing. As a radio hostess and budding idol herself, it was awful to watch, and looking over the audience she could see that many were just as pained as they were.

"Death by slow Ariados devouring would literally be more merciful." Alice remarked to Farren venomously, who made a noise to acknowledge her statement, but respectfully(ish) disagreed. Admitting to the purposeful delay had the blonde snorting and smirking, but once they knew their missions, the young woman was far peppier. "Alright, dude, let's go and see these games! Right?"
"Pineco!" The bagworm cheered, glad that Alice had returned to her better self. She had to make some effort to ignore Persimmon, because the mere sight of him brought on toxicity in the human, but it was easier as she perused the games available. Alice listened to explanations and asked questions when needed, but it thankfully wasn't difficult to find activities in which the male would surely excel.

"Let's do this one first." Alice greeted the clerk politely and brightly, making sure to say 'please', 'thank you' and ask how their day was going. She would do the same for each staff member. Manners were to be valued, after all, and she appreciated the efforts of those who weren't so awkward her organs wanted to crawl out of her body and leave her to die. The contestant set Farren down on the counter, making sure to give the staffer warning to hide as she was about to (by ducking). It was the shooting gallery, and there was only one move that suited this challenge to the letter, "Okay, Farren, whenever you're ready-- time for a pin missile!"

Her Pokemon didn't get dizzy too easily. After all, most of his motions and moves required the creature to spin at severe speeds. He was his own weapon, and damn super effective if Alice said so herself. It had still been sensible to save the obstacle course and then pachinko for second and third. On the former, rollout was Alice's favoured option, as Farren would only gain momentum and power as he went on, which was perfect (Alice hoped it was sturdy enough not to burst). Finally, for the lifesize machine - hella cool, by the way - Alice settled for gyro ball. Rapid spin had been in the running, but Alice thought that Farren might better control his speed with the former, and therefore be more likely to reach the goal instead of spinning uncontrollably around the board. Fingers crossed! Whatever the result, the duo were clearly having a good time, and Alice was snapping pictures and cheering her friend on the entire time.
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