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(lLemme know if my directions get confusing – the map should help but feel free to let me know if you’re unsure where Athena is currently located!))

You decide to take advantage of the opportunity since you have the coin to spare, nabbing yourself some precious Technical Machines from the overpriced vending machine. And with that out of the way, you decide to head further down the hallway and see where it leads you, rather than taking a left turn.

Snivy continues to take the lead, and peers over its shoulder regularly to see if you’re keeping up. You can tell it’s no longer apprehensive towards you, the battle against Geodude likely having dissipated any lingering doubts about your true intentions. But still, you can see the concern in its eyes, not for you or itself, but no doubt for its Trainer, the guard held hostage by the criminal holed up somewhere deeper inside the factory. There is no doubt that Snivy is a very capable Pokémon on its own, but no matter how professional it was raised to be, it still longs to be reunited with its Trainer – if only for that, you know you have to keep doing your best to help it in its selfless quest.

Also, you wonder how the police team you met outside is doing against the trafficker – are they making any progress toward the front door? Can they bust in and arrest the criminal, or will the stalemate continue? In a way, it’s not entirely bad if it does – it gives you more time to explore the facility and catch him or her off-guard from the back, while the distraction continues…

You finally make it to the end of the corridor, and find yourself at an intersection – where the tunnel ends, a new choice is presented to you. The hallway you just crossed ends up in another corridor, aesthetically identical (which is to say, gray and unremarkable), but considerably wider than the one you just crossed. There is a yellow line painted along the floor’s length, with “PRODUCTION LINES – NORTH // STORAGE UNITS – SOUTH” written above it, and this is precisely the decision you’ll have to make.

However, before you can choose, a thought crosses your mind suddenly. Wasn’t an enemy drawn on Snivy’s map at this precise location? And in that case, why is that you spot nobody else other than the three of you?
As the thought takes residence in the forefront of your mind, you are assaulted by a sudden chill, an overwhelming sense of dread that you cannot explain. As if someone is watching you, creeping up on you all. You do recall catching the glimpse of a glimmer through the corner of your eye a second earlier, but it must have been your imagination – what could possibly glisten under the faint glow of the factory’s emergency lights only to vanish when you look directly at it?

Snivy and Mille seem to be growing just as restless, and neither of them seem to know why either. They know they are being watched, just like you do… and then, you spot it: Snivy’s shadow begin to contort abnormally, twisting and changing shape to resemble an entirely different Pokémon. Something is lurking in the Grass-Type’s shadow!

Can you act preemptively before something bad happens?!



The man’s face lights up when you agree to take part in the event. For a second you thought he was going to break character and make a scene, but he manages to cool his jets at the very last second and audibly clears his throat instead.

“Th-that’s damn right! Time ta show those rookies errythin’ I taught ya,” he declares with pomp and circumstance, making sure everyone else waiting to sign up understands you are most definitely not skipping ahead of the line, but rather… well, you’re not sure what the implied justification is, but it seems you’re getting a pass under the impression that you are the clerk’s relative or something.

“If ya got yerself a Fishin’ Rod of yer own, that’s fine, otherwise ya can borrow an Old Rod of ours. Anyway, here are yer choices.”

He retrieves a second brochure from behind the counter and slams it on the wooden surface.

“Y’take one of our little boats parked over yonder and steer it to one o’ these spots: near the shore are the lazy kinds o’ fish, the ones who dun care if all they get ta eat is engine fuel and tourist trash. They can grow pretty damn huge out of all the junk they eat, mind ya, but ya ain’t gunna find anythin’ special here I reckon. Further up North in a straight line ya might whip up some pretty interestin’ stuff, but more often than not, folk come up empty-handed; it’s a heck of a lot harder to reel anythin’ in, but the cautious species that dun like us humans are usually found around there, closer to the open sea. If ya take the boat west, where the water’s more shallow, ya might find species that like ta hide in the sand, ones with ground inclinations ya could say, bottom-crawlers that prolly ain’t too hard to snag, though some can grow to pretty brutal sizes! And to cap it off, if ya steer that trusty old plank o’ wood to the east, ya get the cold current; it wards off the casual swimmer, and water Pokémon who like the lower temperatures usually swim over there; not sure they’ll take a bite o’ your bait, since they usually go for fancier stuff, but ya never know – they’ve been known ta bite when they get real hungry!”

He looks at you, all proud of his “professional” explanation. One thing’s for sure – he can be proud of the Fishing Spot he’s got here, with so much variety of species!

“Here ya go: three pieces o’ bait. That’s all ya get, so make it count! Here’s the catch though – ya can snag three fish, but ya can bring back one, so ya got send the other two overboard before you’re all set ta return! Bring back something proper nice and we got sumthin’ great in store as a prize too! Off ya go then, go ‘n make me famous will ya?!”


The wait is perhaps the hardest part of it all - not knowing when either of your partners will return, or if any of them will be successful in their respective endeavours. In the distance, you hear the faint flapping of wings, and mercifully, the sound seems to be getting louder.

In fact, after a brief while, you spot Ulysses turning a corner from behind a bookcase, carrying a considerably heavy-looking wooden ladder in his talons! The bird flies his way over to you in obvious strain, progressively losing altitude – what he has in heart, he unfortunately still lacks in strength. And as such, despite his good will, you can only watch as Ulysses loses his grip on the ladder and it comes crashing down against one of the stands, knocking down over a dozen books. The noise everything makes pierces the library’s golden silence, and there is absolutely no way it wasn’t heard throughout the entire building…

Suddenly, a much more subtle sound to your right catches your attention amidst the commotion; looking over to where Erebos had vanished, you see the door open ever-so-slightly… How exactly did the immaterial ghost manage to unlock it?

You look around frantically, laying eyes on the chaos Ulysses inadvertently caused. Books scattered everywhere, some with soft covers irreparably bent under the weight of the fallen ladder. One lone slip of paper catches your eye amidst the mess of literature on the ground, and you pick it up for closer inspection. Look at that, it seems to be a Weakness Policy! Maybe you should hold on to it; it was likely misplaced long ago, it’s not like someone is going to miss it.

And then, you hear it: furious steps echoing down the hallway, coming in your direction. Maybe you should stay put and own up for what happened here, or maybe you could make a run for it if you don’t feel like dealing with that lovely lady again…
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