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Robin nodded, claiming to get it, and while Willow was not completely convinced that Robin was done blaming herself, she had the feeling that it would take some time for Robin to see the truth to her words. Besides, it was Millicent in needs of words of comfort right now.

And speaking of words, Robin relayed Telpo's last words to Millicent. The Abra's final words had indeed been a message for the Timburr he so loved. An apology for not getting to give him a proper goodbye, a plea for her to not worry about him, reassurance that everything would be OK, and one final reminder that he loved her.

Millicent sniffled and sobbed as Robin said this to her. She could almost picture Telpo saying these things to her. She longed to see the Abra again, and it pained her, knowing this would never happen.

Millicent... said Willow. Telpo was right, everything's going to be OK.

"B-b-but... I... I miss him..." sniveled Millicent.

I know you do, Willow responded gently. But who's to say you'll never see him again? Death is not necessarily the end- I am proof of that.

"S-so... y-you think I might see Telpo again s-someday?" Millicent asked.

It is always a possibility, Willow responded.

For a few moments, Millicent said nothing more, simply hugging Willow as she cried. After a while, she looked up at Robin. "R-Robin... thanks," she murmured. "Thanks for... for telling me Telpo's last words... I... I just wish I could... t-tell him, one last time... th-that I love him too..." She took hold of the stone around her neck. "I... I'll never take this off," she murmured as she held Telpo's last gift to her.

"Actually, I find it pretty annoying," admitted Jack. "It's one of those little things that bugs me more than most other things." He nodded at Cayenne's subsequent words and Transformed back into Keith. "Cayenne's saying we're all free to grab some sandwiches if we want," he stated.

"Cool," Keith replied, taking one of the sandwiches and biting into it. "Mmm, good stuff," he nodded. Jack did likewise, eating a sandwich himself, and likewise enjoying it.

"Well, dat's all it really takes ta be loyal," Meowth pointed out, for Tessa was questioning her being a loyal friend, claiming to simply be doing what Robin told her. "Yer friend wanted her secret kept, and youse was willin' ta do dat fer her."

Anion audibly swooned as she witnessed Voltaire's response to the Nuzzle. He did indeed have Motor Drive, and the Nuzzle activated the Ability. And now he was pouring on the Charm, and it was as close to super effective as a status move could ever hope to be- Anion wanted Voltaire more than ever, so much that it hurt. Dimly, very dimly, in the back of her mind, she registered the notion that this pain might be the result of the attack Voltaire used, but that very attack was preventing the truth from reaching the forefront of her mind. Right now, she wanted to be closer to Voltaire, and as her actions were proving, if this meant a Quick Attack, then so be it.

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