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Robin gave a slight grimace as Willow began to reassure the young trainer that Telpo's death wasn't her fault. She had to admit, Willow was making a lot of sense. But at the same time, guilt still clung to her.
Even if Telpo had wanted her to live, and not to spend her life blaming herself...Telpo's death was still on her hands...and nothing could change that.

But Willow didn't need to know that, right? Millicent probably needed Willow's reassurance more then her anyway.
"I get it." Robin murmured, giving a slow nod.

It was then that Millicent spoke up. It was hard to understand the Timburr between sobs, but Robin managed to pick up on what Millicent was asking.
The Timburr wanted to know what Telpo's final words were, if he had any.

"Y-Yeah...Telpo...he wanted me to tell you something..." Robin murmured.
"He....he said that...he was sorry that he couldn't give you a proper goodbye..." The Electric type specialist explained.
"He ummm...also asked you not to worry about him, a-and that everything would be ok. And that he loved you."
"Others mistake you for pink as well?" Cayenne questioned.
"Maybe they're also colourblind! Or maybe they've never seen a Ditto in person before! Or maybe tinted glasses? Who knows!" The Torchic exclaimed.
"But I bet that could be kind of annoying after awhile! Does it bug you too much? Probably not right?" Cayenne questioned.

"Oh right, I forgot! Can you inform your trainer that they're allowed to grab a sandwich if they want? Oh, and everyone else, of course! Maybe ask if they want a drink? I'm sure Tessa can grab those!"
"Oh umm...yeah..I see..." Tessa murmured as Meowth pointed out how unique looking she was. Maybe she should have taped a piece of yellow paper on her tail? Or would that have been too obvious as well? The Cosplay Pikachu wasn't quite sure.
Once Meowth was done though, Tessa gave the scratch cat Pokemon a small smile.
"A loyal friend? You umm...really think so?" Tessa questioned. "I mean...I was uhh...just doing what Robin asked me to do..."
Now under the effects of fatal attraction, Anion was eager to see how much cooler Voltaire would be with a speed boost, and so she attacked the Emolga with a Nuzzle attack! As the Minun rubbed her electrified cheeks on Voltaire, the sky squirrel Pokemon couldn't help but blush slightly.
As the electricity from Anion's attack was sent throughout his body, Voltaire could feel his muscles begin to loosen, thanks to his Motor Drive ability!

Now was the time to plan his next move! Voltaire wasn't too sure of attacking Anion, scared that the attack would be enough to snap the Minun out of her trance. But he had to do something to take advantage of the situation.
Racking his brain, a sudden idea sprung to mind. Giving a small smile, Voltaire began to try and look as alluring to Anion as possible, hoping to Charm the Minun.
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