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Sandaa: As awkward as you might have felt from talking to some random kids' parents, the parents themselves didn't seem so bothered by it. With how boistrous they were, it was likely that they ran up and engaged interesting strangers all the time. The more one thinks about it, it's amazing they haven't been kidnapped or devoured by a Pokemon far less patient than Aero-- but nevermind. If the distant distractions of scuba diving and stranger danger had showed on his face, neither father was going to embarrass the visitor by mentioning it.

“Oh yeah? Sounds like you might have even got further ahead than me with all that adventuring,” Bill remarked with compliment in his tone. His daughter seemed to sour a little, as if she were upset at her father's modesty. She said nothing of it, though, eavesdropping while pretending to take interest in the ever-neglected Marill, “You'd have plenty of fun scuba diving around here. Could even give the professor a hand if you wanted to do some research yourself-- but he's not having much luck with his own equipment, honestly.”

Before one of the kids can open their gob and whinge for more violence in their lives, they might get what they wish for without siccing the store manager on you. Down the beach from whence you came was an outburst of screaming, and mixed within it was the urgent, panicked cry of a young Pokemon. Seconds later, throngs of people could be seen rushing in various directions, their property mostly abandoned on the sand. Both Bill and Dennis shot up, but the children were frozen in fear. Said emotion only grew stronger as a great, angry roar punctuated the coast. Bill looked ready to play rescuer, but what about you?
As he made his awkward introduction to the kids’ parents, a few of the father’s words echoed through Gary’s head. ”Scuba… research… fun…” he thought to himself, and the juxtaposition of words was not sarcastic either; his inner nerd was screaming with excitement as he was eager to pick the professor’s brain and explore the local wildlife in the process. ”Just play it cool, Gary,” he continued to think, not wanting to sound too eager in front of the adults. “I could take a look at the equipment if you need me too,” he offered as nonchalantly as possible. “I’ve had experience with handling scuba gear before…” The Gary inside his head did a quick fist pump for not screwing it up.

However, his attempt to endear himself to the marine biologist was cut short as an array of screams erupted from down the coast followed by the bellow of an angry Pokemon. As panicked beachgoers streamed across the sand, the switch in Gary’s brain instantly flipped from Water Pokemon Nerd to experienced Pokemon trainer. He bit his lip at the poor timing of the turn of events, but he had no time to lose. “I’ll be back!” he called out, taking off down the beach in the direction of the roar. If people were in trouble, Gary had to go check things out and see what he could do to help. He didn’t fancy himself a hero or anything that grand; he simply knew that if there was something he could do to help, he would do everything in his power to do so.
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