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Missingno. Master: There were many options available to you in that moment, but between two clinging Pokemon and unstable footing, it was understandable that you didn't really think things through. Aster was screaming, Meowth was probably digging his claws in-- drawing spots of blood through your clothes and drawing out a few grunts of pain among the orders. All four of you are increasingly terrified that the boat will just break apart beneath you, the oars rattling wildly as Jack hunches hopelessly behind you.

As Pisces was about to find out, you made the wrong choice. You chose violence, and now you were in for a Bad Time. This was because it wasn't a single Wailord that was trying to kill you all, but an entire school of Wishiwashi-- which your one, blue-striped Basculin had just taunted. And even if it was a single Wailord, as savage as your girl could be, an oversized balloon of that level would likely take it to town anyway. Elite Four material indeed.

One of the miserable looking fish is struck by the aqua tail, taking more damage than one might expect from a move of the same typing. Pisces might have a level advantage, but she's still outmatched by these mad monsters and god forbid they call in some buddies. A barrage of water gun strikes your charge, chipping away at her, but she manages to deal some revenge back-- flinging one of the small Wishiwashi back some ways. It shakes it off, looking somehow more depressed, and returns to its friends literally rocking the boat.

All of this is happening underneath you. The boat isn't quite so crazy, but it is crazy enough that a sudden shove has now sent Jack tumbling over the side with a panicked wail. Fishing was boring and fatally dangerous, who knew? And what will you do about it?
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