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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
ooc: WHAT UP FIZZBY?! IT'S ME, YA GIRL, ALICE ROCKIN UP TO YOUR ISLES WITH SOME UPDOOTS. The faster you reply to my crazy caboose, the faster your adventure will go (just ask MM about Whale Island), so buckle the fuzzle up and get your posties in people, it's adventure time!

Missingno. Master: Jack takes the three of you out, rowing at an easy pace. The surroundings were tranquil: seagull still coasted overhead, but otherwise it was quiet except for the occasional rush of water here and there. Orta Lake was clear enough that if one stared hard enough they might be able to see schools of fish and other creatures beneath. At almost every angle, there was a distant fisherman perched with their own boxes, rods and maybe a companion or two.

“At least those kids are having a good time.” Jack chuckled. His comment wasn't random. You both could hear what sounded like the coolest fishing party ever out of sight, and you considered that their ruckus was probably scaring off potentially decent catches. The shack owner is still gutted that all of his decent lures had been swiped, but doesn't let it show too much. Instead, as promised, he shows you how best to set up your rod and offers you the prime picking from his mini-fridge. It's a tad awkward because of the lack of space, but once you're sorted, there's nothing left but to wait it out and chatter-- which is interesting for Jack, given the talking Meowth and his weird manner of speech.

Just enough time passes that at least one of your Pokemon might be getting bored-- and Arceus forbid it be a hungry Aster. Thankfully, though, you feel a tug at your brand new rod. “Oh! A bite!” Jack perked up, as if he were some kind of NPC following a script. Can you imagine? “Quick, reel it in!” The elder encouraged, enthused, but that's when shizzle gets messy. The tug isn't tame anymore-- whatever is tugging on that rod has some serious strength (HM?) and is threatening to pull you in or take your rod at the very least. Not only that, but the boat begins to rock with force, and all of a sudden there's a severe pummelling at the floor. This is not the Banette's Revenge, unless by that you mean the possibility of tens upon tens of Banette's trying to crash through the deck and drown you for your sins.

You just came out for a good time, and you're so attacked right now. What do you do?
And they were off, with Jack rowing at a leisurely pace, taking them out onto the tranquil lake. It was very quiet and peaceful, really quite nice, Keith noted. Even though, as Keith saw so very clearly, they were far from the only ones out fishing today.

Not all of it was peaceful tranquility, however- Jack remarked on one group of fishermen who seemed to be having a good time. Keith couldn't see them, but he sure could hear them out there, partying and carrying on.

"Dat can't be good fer da fishin'," Meowth commented.

"M-M-Mareanie," Aster nodded, shying away from the noise. Keith understood- anything worth catching would likely be deterred by the ruckus they were making.

Following this, Jack got things going, helped Keith set up, and soon he was really fishing. Now all there was to do was wait. And wait. And wait. Aaaaaand wait...

"...Dis is so boring," Meowth yawned after a lengthy silence.

"Hey, c'mon, Meowth, we all knew this could take time," Keith stated. "You gotta be patient, and- WHOA!" he exclaimed, for at that moment, he felt a tug at his rod. Jack noticed this as well, and encouraged Keith to reel it in, but it very quickly became apparent that it was a lot easier said than done. "Gah! What did I hook, a Wailord or something?!" Keith grunted, struggling with the rod. "Talk about beginner's luck!"

"Oh, yeah, dat's real lucky!" Meowth snapped, clinging to Keith as though for dear life. "Dat's- GAH! Wat da Distortion World is happenin'!!" he screamed, for now the boat was starting to rock, and quite violently, too, with something ramming the boat from underneath.

"MAREEEANIEEEE!" wailed Aster, shaking visibly as she too clung to her Trainer.

"Gah..." Keith grunted, stubbornly struggling with the Fishing Rod. "Meowth, my hands are full- tap the button on the Dive Ball on my belt!"

It was a mark of the severity of the situation that Meowth obeyed Keith without question, even knowing full well what was within the Dive Ball, and his usual reluctance to send out such a vicious creature. But in this case, he reasoned, something vicious on their side might be just what they need. He climbed down Keith's torso (claw-free, to Keith's relief) and tapped the button. The ball unleashed a burst of light, which landed in the water and formed into a green fish-like creature with a couple of blue stripes running from her head to her tail fin. "Bascu?" she questioned, seeing the rocking boat.

"Pisces," Keith grunted as his Blue-Striped Basculin materialized. "Go underwater and see what's attacking the boat! Taunt it to draw its attention away from the boat, and once you have its attention, let it taste your Aqua Tail, and follow up with Revenge!" As he spoke, he did his best to keep a stable footing, and clutched the Fishing Rod tightly, stubbornly trying to reel in whatever was giving him so much grief.

"Basculin!" Pisces nodded, before disappearing beneath the surface of the water.

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