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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
As Jayson witnessed the battle unfolding, he was soon enough presented with a wrench in his plans. The Kricketot had evolved into a Kricketune, and Trieu’s and Spartacus’ opponents had switched places. Fortunately for the young Skorupi, the Karrablast was worn down and now poisoned, but it still presented a threat nonetheless. Meanwhile Spartacus sparred against a freshly evolved Kricketune who was ready to test out its new skills. Jayson quickly adjusted his strategy and called it out to his Pokemon who lay in wait.

Starting things off, Trieu squared off against the persistent Karrablast. Despite being poisoned and short on breath, it refused to drop its guard and give up the fight. Karrablast Leered an icy glare at the scorpion, who shuddered before slipping past the beetle’s defenses to strike it from behind with a Feint Attack. Karrablast grunted, but was prepared to turn this into an all-out brawl to the very end. It leapt forward, Pecking Trieu with its horn for great damage. Trieu hissed in pain herself, but clamped her mandibles down on Karrablast for a Bite. As Trieu followed up with a second consecutive Bite, her target quickly shook itself free by slashing at her with a weak Fury Cutter. Squaring off against Trieu once more, Karrablast was on its last legs. From the look of things, a finishing blow would be all that was needed to end this battle, which is good for Trieu, because she looked like she was about at her end as well.

Meanwhile, across the clearing Spartacus locked blades with the Kricketune’s long pointed arms. The cricket had just used a Fury Cutter, and Spartacus was no stranger to the dangers it presented by now. The Scyther quickly disengaged their skirmish and retreated back a few steps to Roost and recover up some of his wounds. However, Kricketune wasn’t in the mood for allowing his opponent a free recovery, and as the Scyther had sacrificed the mobility his flying type presented for the moment, Spartacus was a sitting duck for a much stronger follow-up Fury Cutter by Kricketune. Spartacus stumbled back a few feet, only being able to recover a slight margin of health which was offset by the damage he just received. Turning his focus back to the battle, Spartacus zoomed forward to give the Kricketune a Bug Bite on the shoulder, who retaliated with a third Fury Cutter in return.

The force of the blow pushed Spartacus off of his target as the two Pokemon began to breathe heavier. As they stared each other down, more memories of darker times in Bedlam Ridge fueled Spartacus with negative energy while his scythes began to glow an ominous purple. Kricketune’s arms continued to glow green and were a greater intensity than they were before. The two opponents charged forward, clashing their blades as Spartacus’ Shadow Break collided with Kricketune’s Fury Cutter. As the dust settled, both Pokemon looked pretty worse for wear after taking each other’s attacks. Like the other battle, things could be wrapping up here soon as well. What will Jayson do?
It seemed that no matter how hard he pushed, these bugs just kept coming back stronger. Spartacus had really picked a tough pair to deal with, he had hoped for a nice easy battle for Trieu to test herself but that wasn't happening. Instead both of his Pokemon looked like they were about ready to faint, something he had hoped to avoid. Trieu had almost brought the Karrablast down but it still had plenty of fight in it, the Skorupi was looking just as battered. The newly evolved Kricketune was attacking Spartacus ruthlessly, the Scyther was barely managing to keep up. They needed an edge, something to help them finish the battle off.

Jayson dug into his backpack and produced 1 Rare Candy,"Spartacus, eat this!" The Scyther turned just in time to catch the candy in his mouth, the energy rich treat increased his strength.

Spartacus reached lvl 21!
Spartacus learnt Wing Attack!

Suddenly the Scyther's wings began to glow with energy, he had achieved what he hoped."Spartacus harness your new power! Keep hitting the Kricketune with Wing Attack until it falls, you can do it!" With Spartacus now having a super effective option that also benefited from being of the same typing and from his Technician ability, Jayson was certain the Scyther had enough to edge out the win. Trieu waited patiently for her orders, hopefully she could do enough to finish off the Karrablast."Trieu now it's your turn! Bite the Karrablast and then give it one more Feint Attack before Biting it once last time!" Jayson couldn't help but cross his fingers, he would need a little luck to go his way if they were going to come out on top.

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