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Your Magnemite begins trying to trace the electrical signal to its source, but soon runs into a problem, the main problem being that there is a lot more electricity running down here than there was in the elevator. So while tracing it before would be like listening in to a conversation in an empty room with the sink running in the background. Now its like listening to two people walking through a noisy crowd, occasionally whispering, while there is construction and you're getting shot at. Wait, shot at? Suddenly, a jolt of electricity flies from one of the lines in the ceiling, burning a hole through the thin plasterboard and strikes your Magnemite head on. It reels as it takes a shocking blast, and after it recovers, it finds that it cannot trace the electrical signal anymore. Almost like it was gone. But it does find that there are a number of high power zones on this lower floor. One seems to be pretty close, and you should reach it if you go forwards. One is far away and too the right, probably requiring you to go to the intersection and see what is beyond it. The other is right in the sweet spot between the two, a good distance away but not seeming to be too far. It also seems to be the biggest electrical zone on this floor, so there must be something really important there.

But suddenly, you find yourself in the bathroom again. I guess that getting hit by an electrical bolt was probably a good sign of "trouble" at any rate. Looks like if you want to find the security office you're going to have to make your way back downstairs, and probably without security knowing what you've been up to. I guess this means you're out of my hands now...

Odysseus gained one Level!

What will you do?
Jayson now found himself back in the bathroom, at least his fallback plan had worked, it would be helpful knowing he could rely on the maneuver in the future. He had a couple of options, he could go back downstairs and continue his mission to try and find the surveillance room. Doing that would likely put him at greater risk and they had learnt that finding the room wasn't exactly going to be easy. He would leave that for now he thought, instead he would relax a bit and wait things out. He had saw someone collect a few coins from the check in desk when they came in, maybe it was worth having a spin and seeing how his luck played out?

Jayson really considered playing it safe but a buzz from Odysseus reminded him that they came in here with a mission. They had already come so far, they might as well continue on the path they started."Teleport us straight back downstairs Odysseus", if they walked back down there it might be a bit suspicious, there was no guard downstairs with them so Teleporting back in made the most sense."When we get down there we are going to go to that middle room, the one with the massive electrical output." They were risking a lot going back downstairs, but Jayson was confident they could make a big find that would prove useful during the next phase."Alright Odysseus, I'm ready when you are", Jayson prepared himself for another warp, he was still getting used to the sensation.

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