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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

The party finally understands that they need to work together to overcome the immense challenge ahead of them. This Shiftry, Lord of the Forest, is no regular specimen of its kind - despite the evil in its heart, it is clearly a notch above the rest in terms of power and wisdom, the kind of Shiftry Tengu can only dream of becoming one day - at least in its current hollow, unevolved state.

Having attested the frightening force of the gales it can conjure, Kawaii's team regroups and comes up with a new, joint strategy. Spiritus and Tengu move to work together, but Cerno can't figure out a way to aid in the collective offense, instead opting to go for a Mega Drain on his own. His speed advantage means he moves first, but as the green orbs summoned by the sprite sap away a fragment of Shiftry's energy - barely affected by the grass move, of its own Type -, the living tree grins as it singles out its prey.

"You will be the first to go," Shiftry growls ominously at the Whimsicott, as if chastising him for not aiding the joint attack concocted by Litwick and Seedot.

Suddenly, Cerno is assaulted by an intense migraine silently induced by the Lord's [b]Extrasensory[7b]; then, like a bolt of lightning, the Dark-Type suddenly bolts forward with a blistering Quick Attack, slamming into the Fairy with the full force of its large frame. Cerno is sent tumbling back, severely damaged, and barely able to muster enough strength to stand back up due to the extent of his injuries.

It is then that, in a stroke of genius, a barrage of flaming bullets explodes against Shiftry's back. Each Bullet Seed turned into a fireball, they crash and burn into the wooden body of the opponent over and over again, an improvised firestorm whose strength the Lord most definitely did not anticipate. Furthermore, it's clear that several parts of Shiftry's body have been Burned!

"Much better," the Grass-Type says, gasping for air but grinning all the while, visibly satisfied with the duo's performance. "It's a pity your friend couldn't choose his moves more wisely. A Fairy-Type Pokémon struggling against a creature of darkness... how pathetic."

Fighting through the pain of his burns, Shiftry seems to be concocting some sort of plan, a Nasty Plot all of his own soon to be unleashed on the party. With Cerno almost out for the count, but Spiritus and Tengu still raring to go, what will Kawaii's party think of next?

Spiritus saw how damaged Cerno was and wandered concerned over to him. The whimsicott sighed and shook his head “I’m going to fight until I can’t anymore,” He got up and took aim once more. This time he started up a great Fairy wind “This oughta do it.” He gasped out. The grass/fairy type had genuinely forgotten about his fairy wind move and was mentally kicking himself now for not using it. It didn’t matter he was using it now and it was going to help his team a lot. Even if it meant that he would faint soon, he didn’t care, he wasn’t the one who needed the items. Cerno was the protector and he was doing his job. He would go out protecting his brothers.
Spiritus turned to the empty seedot beside him, “okay, we need to do that flame seed thing again, but after that fairy wind has died off.” They waited patiently for an opening then Tengu fired his bullet seed and the Litwick made them burn with a mighty ember once again. Even though ember wasn’t very powerful, the combo would do some more damage on top of the long overdue Fairy Wind. If these attacks didn’t faint the lord it would damage him quite severely. They had to keep fighting, it had started out as just a fun adventure but now they were fighting for their lives. Maybe this whole thing was a bad idea considering their levels, maybe they should have waited to be stronger.

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