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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
After coming up with a plan, Lucas sent back out the exhausted Violette and quickly fed her a Berry Juice to recover some energy. Although she was still pretty tired, the young Alolan Vulpix looked like she could at least move around on her own for now and was ready to help out. Taking the Rose Incense with her a short distance upwind of the sunflower bed, she wafted a fragrant and chilly breeze in the Sunfloras’ direction with her Icy Wind.

Just as Lucas predicted, the flowers’ natural reaction to wilt with colder weather mixed with the alluring fragrance of the Rose Incense had the Sunfloras in a daze. The tall flower Pokemon were practically in an unconscious trance as Horologie stepped forward, ready to do her job. The Girafarig focused her mind and used the telekinetic properties of her Confusion attack to lift the frail Budew from the soil as carefully as possible. Once she was safely clear of the flower bed, Lucas took the Budew in his arms as Horologie and Violette happily regrouped to celebrate their successful maneuver. For all of her effort thus far in the garden, Horologie has gained 2 levels!

“Excellent!” Petunia clapped her hands together excitedly as she peered over at the Budew. “Hurry, let’s get her some water!” The group of them quickly hurried off down the path through the trail of beautiful flowers until they reached a small pond with water lilies resting on the calm surface. Following Petunia’s instruction, Lucas gently held the Budew’s small root-like feet right on the surface of the water for a few moments. As he set her back down on solid ground, Petunia had procured a watering can and sprinkled some more water on the Budew’s sprout-like arms. Budew finally looked at peace and opened her eyes to stare up at her saviors. “Dew?” she asked curiously with an innocent smile.

“SUUUUN!” a cry suddenly outburst from nearby, in the direction of where they had previously come. “That doesn’t sound good!” Petunia acknowledged, stating the obvious. Before they had time to decide if they wanted to check things out or not, Budew had already taken off, much more energetic now as her tiny legs took her down the pathway at a faster speed than one would imagine. Lucas and company hurried off after her.

As they arrived back at the sunflower bed, things were much messier than they had left them. There was an obvious sign of a struggle as many of the sunflowers had been trampled and a couple of Sunfloras were fainted while others sobbed quietly. “What happened here?” Petunia asked the sobbing sunflowers. One of them woozily pointed over to the flower bed with her leafy arm. Not only was Budew missing from the nursery for obvious reasons, but some of the Sunkern were missing as well. Budew seethed as she looked around for her missing friends. The only clue she could find were a couple of rose petals that had been left behind in the scuffle. Turning to face north, Budew spotted the faint figures of a couple of Jumpluff floating back towards Roserade’s domain. “Ooh, that’s playing dirty…” Petunia sighed, clicking her teeth in disappointment of the turn of events. Budew looked as if she were about to charge headfirst into action once again. What will Lucas do?
Though he had succeeded in his primary goal of rescuing Budew and nursing her back to health, the situation with the Sunflora that they had briefly left behind had deteriorated rapidly in their short absence. It seems their plan to rescue Budew had been exploited by the Roserade Queen, as the distraction resulting from the wafting of the incense made a perfect opportunity to raid the plot and kidnap some of the Sunkern being nursed there.

Feeling somewhat responsible for the turn of events, Lucas started to formulate a plan to rescue the Seed Pokémon from their captors. His involvement would have to deepen for this in spite of his wishes, but he felt it was only right. However, he could still make an effort to keep himself out of the spotlight as much as possible. That would require a bit of stealth, which a large giraffe creature or excitable little fox did not lend themselves well to. But, he did have a Pokémon in his arsenal that would be of great help.

Withdrawing both Horologie and Violette after thanking them for their help, he sent out one of the Pokémon Jeri had loaned him for his first trip - Ai the Kecleon. Lucas was a bit concerned about using this Pokémon his friend so dearly treasured, but Jeri had assured him that Ai was well-trained and could handle herself in just about any situation. Upon release, the lizard stretched and looked to her temporary trainer for some direction.

"Okay, Ai, I have a bit of a task for you - a group of Jumpluff commanded by the Roserade Queen seem to have kidnapped some of these poor Sunflora's babies and we're gonna try go get them back. I want you to use your Camouflage to sneak around her garden and scout out where they're being held. I'll be following after you but I might not be able to get too far in her domain without being noticed."

Lucas then turned to Petunia - "While we're scouting out the Roserade gardens, we'll try to find something to help the Sunflora who were attacked. Can you tend to them in the meantime?"

Originally Posted by Patches View Post
War of the Roses

Once everyone found their envelopes that included a voucher, they were instructed to bring that voucher back to the center of the entire Rose Garden itself. All of the teams seem to slowly exit their queen’s domains around the same time, it seems that everyone made progress at a similar pace so it’s hard to tell how a winner is going to be determined. As the trainers exit their quadrants, their team’s representative gardener is directly outside patiently waiting to greet them as they make their way out, that is, all except for Persimmon who is standing on the stage in the center with a microphone in his hand. “Uh… If everyone could please hand your vouchers over to your team’s gardeners that would be great.” After giving those instructions, he puts the microphone down on a stand and pulls a crumpled note out of his lab coat and begins mumbling whatever is written on it to himself. As the members begin to approach their gardeners, everyone observes that there are now several different fair games on display out here that were definitely not there before.

Team Bellossom hands their vouchers over to Peony who is smiling wide and gives each member of the team a curtsy since she loves any excuse to show off her latest dress. Team Roserade approaches Poppy and he takes the vouchers while giving each member a hearty pat on the back for a job well done. Team Lilligant turns their vouchers into Petunia who whispers to each member about how well they did in there. Meanwhile, Team Tsareena have to make their way onto the stage in order to hand their vouchers in because Persimmon got so absorbed into reading his latest notes about the hyperspectral inversion of potassium content in vegetation that he forgot to step down in order to collect them from his own team. Even when he takes them, he barely manages to pull his attention away and then shoves the vouchers inside of one of his pockets as his team makes their way back off of the stage.

After a long pause of awkward silence, Poppy finally clears his throat loudly in order to finally grab the scientist’s attention. “Oh uh…” Persimmon quickly grabs the microphone once again, causing it to briefly reverb before going back to normal. “This is the final round of the second part of the event. As you can all see, while we made sure that you were all distracted elsewhere by slowing you down with obstacles, we set up several games out here.” The other three gardeners shift around somewhat awkwardly as Persimmon proceeds to openly tell the participants that all of those obstacles were intentionally set up to buy them time. “So yeah uh, each of these games will award tickets and each of you gets to choose only three of these games to play. You want to get a lot of tickets because each ticket you earn will be added to your scores at the end… Oh, and your Pokemon are only allowed to use one attack per game.” He pauses for a moment to adjust his glasses, making them more lopsided than they already were and then turns toward the members of Team Lilligant, mistaking them for his own team. “Go Tsareena…!” After another awkward silence, he speaks into the microphone once again. “You may all begin!”

Available Games

Shooting Gallery – A game where your Pokemon needs to shoot down as many of the moving Psyduck as they can within the time limit! Keep an eye out for those rare Ducklett’s because they are worth double points! (Don’t worry, they aren’t real Pokemon)

Pachinko – A life size version of the popular Japanese arcade game where instead of balls we use Pokemon! Can your Pokemon make it into the goal?

Haunted House – If your Pokemon enjoys scaring people then this is the game for you! How many people can they scare as they pass through?

Dunk Tank – It’s simple! Just soak the target to cause the seat to drop out from underneath the gardener inside and watch as they fall into the water!

BBQ – Who knew cooking was a game? Well, everyone needs to eat! Cook up as many hot dogs and burgers as you can to make the people happy but make sure they don’t burn!

Grip Test – This is a game for Pokemon with a strong grip! All they need to do is squeeze the metal bar as tight as they can!

Milk Bottles – Knock over as many milk bottles as you can! Just remember that it takes a very strong impact to get them to fall over!

Test of Strength – Use something hard to smash the platform with all your strength! The only problem is, there is no mallet.

Inflatable Obstacle Course – Smash your way through this obstacle course of fun! Try and get to the end as fast as you can!

Bottom of the Barrel – There is a prize waiting for you at the bottom of the murky water inside the barrel. Looks like you’ll need to somehow soak up all that water!

Break the Glass – Does your Pokemon have an amazing voice? This is your chance to see if your Pokemon can reach the perfect pitch to shatter as many cups made out of glass as they can!

Charge-up Game – The lights won’t turn on! Does your Pokemon have the ability to provide the charge that they need?

Blow the Sailboat – These miniature sailboats aren’t getting anywhere without a little help. Are you the one that will help them cross the finish line?

1. Pick three games to play with your Pokemon.
2. Choose only one move to use per game. The move can be different for each game you choose.
3. The scores you receive for your games depends on the move you select, so choose wisely!
4. Please post your reply by September 10th.
Having successfully helped the Pansage and retrieved the voucher from the envelope, Lucas returned back to the center of the garden and handed it in as instructed. After a bit of confusion, Poppy introduced the next stage of the competition, informing the players about the games that they were busy setting up while the teams were wandering around the gardens in search of the clues. Lucas, having rather enjoyed playing these carnival games as a child, was rather keen to give these versions a try. He surveyed the games and quickly found three he thought he'd like to give a shot - the Haunted House, the Shooting Gallery and Charge-Up Game. He'd have to use Horologie to conquer these various tasks, and while she didn't seem perfectly suited to all of them, he was able to identify three that she should excel at.

"Okay, Horologie, I think we've got this. Let's see if we can't put your skills to good use. Let's take advantage of your toothy tail for the Haunted House and use it to Astonish some people - just keep an eye on it so it doesn't snag anyone in its jaw! Then, let's try the Shooting Gallery, which you can try to snipe with your Signal Beam. Finally, we can head over to the Charge-up Game. There, we can put your Thunderbolt technique to good use to power those lights."

Horologie gave an affirmative whinny as the pair trotted over to the first game.

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