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Millicent sobbed harder as Robin explained how Telpo had died. She was shaking, clutching Willow close to her as if scared of losing her as well.

Robin, said Willow. When I was alive, I have heard this sort of thing many times among orphaned Pokémon, that their parents would still be alive if only they had done this or that differently... or that they themselves were still alive only because their parents shielded them from fatal attacks... and on that basis, they believe the deaths to be their faults. I will tell you the same thing I have told them- no. It's not your fault. You feel guilty because you survived and Telpo did not. You may have acted recklessly, but you believed at the time, wholeheartedly, that you were acting to make the world a better place. There is no shame in trying to save the world. If anything, it makes you worthy of the sort of admiration Keith has for you, the ghost stated with certainty. And Telpo... he saved you. By doing that, he made it clear he wants you to keep living your life. I don't think he would appreciate it if you spent that life blaming yourself for his death, instead of making the most of said life, would he? Willow asked gently.

At this point, Millicent was at the point where she could get in a few coherent words between sobs. "Did... d-did he... s-s-say anyth-thing?" she asked Robin, looking up tearfully at the Electric-type specialist. The Timburr wanted to hear what Telpo's final words might have been, especially if said last words had been some sort of a message to her.

"Colorblind, huh? That'd do it, I guess," nodded Jack. "Though she ain't the first one to say I'm pink instead of purple."

Meowth shook his head at Tessa's words. "Ya ain't bad at keepin' secrets," he insisted, hopping to the floor to address the Cosplay Pikachu. "Ya did yer best ta keep it secret, and were it not fer us actually recognizin' youse, ya might've convinced me. It just ain't dat feasible fer youse ta lie about who ya are when ya look so distinctive, y'know? And no hard feelings about da lyin'," he added. "I get da feelin' dis was an important ting fer Robin dat youse keeps it secret. Arceus knows I keeps my fair share o' secrets about my Trainer," he nodded, gesturing to Keith. "Robin should consider herself lucky ta have a loyal friend like youse." Keith, overhearing Meowth's part of the conversation, nodded his agreement.

After Anion's Quick Attack and Growl, she saw that the Emolga was preparing his next move, and as soon as she saw it, she recognized it- she'd watched enough of Cyanide's battles to recognize Fatal Attraction in action, after all, but even so, the move was launched too quickly for Anion to really get a chance to evade it.

The Minun could not take her eyes off of Voltaire. In her mind's eye, she saw him standing triumphantly atop a big heap of big, burly enemies who he'd just defeated with powerful moves the likes of which Voltaire, in all actuality, most likely didn't know how to use. And she wanted him. When she'd began the battle, an event pushed quite thoroughly out of the forefront of her mind by the Fatal Attraction, she'd given vague consideration to how cute she thought Voltaire was, but now as she gazed upon the Emolga, she wanted him so badly it hurt. And it created a clash in her mind- on the one hand, what else would she do to woo someone but battle him herself? She herself said, she wanted a man who knew his way around a Pokémon battle. But on the other hand, poor Voltaire had been through so many battles already (so the effects of Fatal Attraction led her to believe), how heartless would it be of her to pile yet another one on?

In the end, however, Anion's affection-addled mind concluded that because Anion looked so inspiringly triumphant, and not at all tired, she simply had to see how he would fare against her. She approached Voltaire, hoping to convey not only her feelings toward him, but also her combative intentions, by way of a Nuzzle attack. Obviously wouldn't paralyze a fellow Electric-type, and if he had Motor Drive, it would only speed him up... and would make him that much more awesome to see in action.

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