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Watching Millicent's reaction to the terrible news, Robin couldn't help but tear up once more.
No I can't do this...I've got to be stronger. Tears won't bring Telpo back. The young trainer reminded herself.

Brushing the tears away once more, Robin started to wonder just what she could say to Millicent, but stopped as a sudden voice called out to her.
The young woman nearly jumped out of her skin, before remembering the ghost inside Millicent's log, Willow.

"H-how did it happen?" Robin repeated. " heard the story I told earlier..right? How Zack tried to kill me? When Telpo came to rescue me, apparently he umm....ended up taking the blow from Project X for me."

"That's why I said it was my fault....because it is. If I hadn't been so reckless...Telpo wouldn't of had to give up his life..."
At Meowth's explanation, Tessa looked rather shocked, and Cayenne tilted his head in confusion.

"Robin's who? I'm sorry, I don't quite follow!" The Torchic exclaimed.
Though Robin had told the others about what had happened, the Electric type specialist had felt there was no reason to inform Cayenne, and so the Torchic was completely unaware of his trainer's past experiences at all.

"Oh's umm...nothing Cayenne." Tessa replied.

"Nothing? Ok, if you insist!" Cayenne chirped, before turning his attention to Jack, just in time to see the Ditto transform into his usual form.

"Oh yeah, I'd say more purple then pink now!" The Torchic exclaimed.
"I've never actually seen a Ditto before. My trainer explained it to me, and she said they were pink, so that's why I said it!" Cayenne explained.

"I don't know why she said that. My trainer mixes up different colours and shades a lot though. Hazel says it's because shes umm....I think it was.....colour blind! So maybe that's why she said that!"

With Cayenne distracted by Jack, Tessa turned her attention back to Meowth and Keith. But upon hearing what Keith had to say, the Cosplay Pikachu frowned.

"Oh umm..I'm sorry...I'm uh, not really good at keeping secrets." Tessa muttered.
"I'm just...not really good at anything really. Umm...I'm sorry for lying to you was kind of a stupid thing to do."
As Voltaire flew towards Anion with a quick attack, the Minun countered with her own quick attack, and Voltaire was sent flying back slightly.
Landing on his feet, the Emolga was about to start his next attack, but stopped as Anion let out a loud growl, which managed to startle the sky squirrel Pokemon, as well as lower his attack!
Thinking fast, Voltaire emitted a dark pheromone into the air. If Anion was to inhale it, the Minun would find herself with a Fatal Attraction to her opponent!
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