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Millicent noticed that Robin seemed reluctant to meet her gaze as the subject turned to Telpo... and then Robin revealed that the subject was to turn to Telpo in the first place... because he was gone.

"No!" Millicent gasped, tears coming to her own eyes as Robin told her the horrible truth. "N-no, it can't be, he... he can't be... g-g-gone..." she sniveled, even as she knew, in the back of her mind, that it did explain Telpo's absence, as well as, she realized, how Telpo was able to get them so close to the spirit world to begin with.

Oh, Millicent, came Willow's tearful voice, as the Timburr clutched her log for support, both emotional and physical, for she looked about ready to fall out of her seat. Robin... how did it happen? Willow asked.

Jack chuckled at Cayenne's excitable and entirely wrong assumptions, but before he could set the Torchic straight on the matter, the topic turned to Tessa, whom Keith recognized. And Tessa, unaware that there was no longer any need to keep things secret, feigned ignorance. Meowth rolled his eyes at this. "Tessa, ya ain't gotta pretend no more," said Meowth. "Robin already told Keith she used ta be Jake."

"She did," Jack confirmed. "Heard the whole thing. And Cayenne, right?" he added, now addressing the Torchic. "About us Ditto looking like pink blobs..." He melted back into his usual gelatinous form. "...We're really more of a purple, don't you think? Yeah, this is how I look by default, I just like to turn into a copy of my Trainer so we can talk to each other."

"Tessa, no offense, but even if Robin hadn't told me, I recognized you, and pretending you didn't know us wasn't gonna fool me," Keith chuckled. "Honestly, I'm just glad my friend's alright, y'know?"

Voltaire obliged Anion's desire to get things started, and launched into a Quick Attack. Anion, having no time to do much else, used Quick Attack as well, so they collided in the center of the battlefield. By no means did Anion intend to leave it at that, though, so she also went into a Growl attack to try and weaken Voltaire.

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