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After taking a seat, Millicent quickly asked what Robin had brought her here for. Or where Telpo was, for that matter. It was a fair question, Robin reasoned.
The Timburr had to have noticed that Hazel was around, but that Telpo was seemingly absent. Still, the question was enough to cause the young trainer to freeze up, before diverting her eyes from the Timburr in front of her.

"Well you see....I umm....actually wanted to talk to you, a-about Telpo." Robin replied.
"Millicent...I really didn't want to tell you this....but Telpo...he's gone."
As the words left her mouth, the Electric type specialist started to tear up, but quickly wiped her eyes with her hand.

"I-it's my fault...if I hadn't been so reckless...h-he might still be with us..."
Cayenne's eyes practically lit up as Jack transformed into a Machop, easily placing the tray of sandwiches on the table. The Ditto then transformed back into Keith, before asking how he did.
"You were amazing! I've never seen a human transform before!" Cayenne chirped.

"Uh, Cayenne....that's a Ditto. Umm...I think." Tessa spoke up.

"Huh, a Ditto? Like those pink blob things?" The Torchic questioned.
"Wow that's amazing! I've never seen one before! They look nothing like I'd imagined! I guess they aren't pink blobs after all!" Cayenne exclaimed as he began to bounce up and down in excitement.

Tessa let out a small sigh, and was about to correct her teammate once again, before Keith addressed her.

This was bad. So Keith recognized her as well? Or had Meowth tried to convince his trainer on his earlier theory? Tessa wasn't quite sure, but she knew she had to think of something, and fast!
The Cosplay Pikachu knew Keith wouldn't be able to understand her..but Meowth would probably translate, right?

"Oh umm...Albus? I really uh..don't know who you're talking about." Tessa said, tilting her head slightly.
Anion seemed rather impressed by the arena, but was quick to rush over to one end of the arena. It looked as if the Minun was eager to start the match.
Having no intentions of keeping her waiting, Voltaire hurried over to his side of the field.

"Alright then...I guess let's get this going, yeah? Then let the battle..begin!" Voltaire exclaimed, before leaping high into the air. The Emolga then started to glide towards Anion with an extremely Quick Attack.
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