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Originally Posted by Gemini Spark View Post
Meetan: 36 --> 30
First candy of the month ftw (Sept 4th).
Depositing a 1 FC candy.
Depositing a 5 FC candy.
Depositing three rare candies from reaching 20 FC.
Depositing 41 rare candies from the GTS.
Feeding all 77 rare candies to Elizabeth the Ekans, raising her from lvl 3 to 80, because I have no self-control.
Picking up an 11th September candy.
Depositing four candies from War of the Roses.
Depositing five candies from hitting 40 FC.
Picking up an 18th September candy.
Depositing four rare candies from the Beauty Pageant.
Depositing 10 candies from 50 FC.
Feeding 20 rare candies to Eliza the Ekans because I still lack self control, bringing her level from 80 (see above) to 100.
Picking up a 25th September candy.
Picking up a 2nd October candy.
Depositing a candy from 51 FC.
Depositing five candies from the Cloud Garden event.
Depositing five candies from the GTS.
Depositing a 55 FC candy.
Picking up an October 9th candy.
Picking up an October 16th candy.

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