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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
War of the Roses

Team Roserade


You remove yourself from the refreshing fountain and look over your next riddle with your Pokemon. You quickly settle on an answer and prepare yourself for your next search. Figuring that the fence would most likely run along the outskirts of the field, you made your way away from the loud groups of people still talking about the sudden dancing that happened. You spot a white picket fence not too far in the distance. You and Rotom follow it, looking carefully for anything that might show you had found the right answer. You come to a gap in the fence. However, the gap looks unplanned, with nails and scraps of wood littering the ground. A loud cry and the sound of something crashing to the ground comes from behind you. You turn to see a small gray and pink Pokemon on the ground. Surrounding it was a scrambled pile of fence posts and buckets of nails. After clearing the tears that welled up in its eyes, the Pokemon picks itself up and begins to collect the wood once more. It stacks up each piece into its small arms on top of a square piece of wood that it looked unwilling to put down. With each piece that it stacks, it wobbles a bit and strains to carry the weight. It finishes up with the tower of wood in one arm, then picks up the bucket of nails with the other. After a few shaky steps, the Pokemon again falls to the ground along with all of its materials with the cry of “Timburr!!” Despite its continuing failure, the Muscular Pokemon again tried to gather up the wood for the fence.

Please post your reply by September 3rd. Please continue to use the Pokemon you chose at the beginning of this round.
Pocketing the blade of grass, Drew trudged along after Rotom, water squelching in his shoes with each step. Following the fence along proved to be exactly as boring as the previous 'hunt' had been: lots of studious searching for the most minor of differences to little effect. Plasma crackling with his displeasure, Rotom made his feelings abundantly clear.

"I mean, I signed up for a scavenger hunt, not a spot the difference puzzle. If I'd've wanted to do something like this, I'd've gone and bought a magazine."

Drew shot him a dry look as he absentmindedly dragged his hand along the fence. "Rotom, you didn't sign up for anything. I did and picked you to assist-"


"-to assist on difficult riddles. So shut your yap and-" He suddenly stopped as his hand met empty air. "Huh, now that's not circumspect at all." They'd come to a break in the fence - fairly literally, considering the bad nails and wood scraps littering the ground just begging to be stepped on. "Also, a safety concern. Geez."

Rotom huffed out an exasperated breath. "So what? Do we take a nail or something?" A thought struck, which suddenly brightened his mood. "Ooh! Maybe this is telling us to break the fence, take some slats or something. That is something I could get behind."

Drew side-eyed him but visibly debated the suggestion. "Mm, not yet. Save that for plan B."

Just as Rotom started to make a quip about 'being more like plan D by this point," a crashing noise sounds from behind them, accompanied by a tearful cry. Whirling about, Drew took in the sight and couldn't help the 'aw' that escaped him. He wouldn't have thought one to be particularly adorable before, but the sight of the little Timburr trying valiantly to come fix the fence was as adorable as it was heart-clenching.

"If I had a heart it would be melting," Rotom deadpanned in agreement, though Drew detected a hint of truth intermixed in the sarcasm. Rotom really was growing soft in his older age.

Thoughts of a scavenger hunt forgotten, Drew approached the Muscular Pokémon and took a knee before it. "Hey there, mate. I know you don't know me, but if you need a hand I'd be happy to help."
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