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Two sets up updates for the price of one!

Heeding Petunia’s warning, Lucas slowly nodded and took the Rose Incense from the Roselia. It was time to make an exit before Roserade changed her mind and found out whatever Lilligant had planned. Following Lucas’ lead, Petunia and Horologie walked after him, slowly and calmly, thanking Roserade for her generosity. It wasn’t until after they were out of sight that the trio decided to pick up their pace southward. “We better hurry out of Roserade’s domain,” Petunia added, taking one last look back.

It wasn’t too long after walking through the neatly trimmed rose hedges that the group had arrived at the border of Roserade’s domain. Before them lay the familiar sight of sunflowers, rows and rows of them in fact. They were now finally back in the domain of Bellossom, where the flowerbeds were bright and filled with color. Lucas, Horologie, and Petunia hurried over back to where they had first met, at a nursery for young Sunkern while the protective Sunfloras watched over them.

Peering into the flowerbed, Lucas looked to make sure Budew was still doing alright. She continued to frown, having received deficient sunlight and water, but at least she was still alive. The Sunflora leaned forward as to block further view of the saplings. “Flora….” one of them called out menacingly, repeating their earlier warning for Lucas to keep away from their children. “Let’s try using that incense,” Petunia spoke up, offering advice. “If we can distract them long enough, I know a fountain nearby where we can get some water for Budew.”
At the suggestion of using the incense to distract the Sunflora, Lucas began formulating a plan. He would need to distract them without drawing too much attention to himself or his Pokémon, and that meant wafting the scent over the flower bed as gently as possible. He could try himself, but his flapping of arms would never rival the abilities of a Pokémon. However, the only one he had who could help was Violette, who was surely still tired from the battle...

He pondered the situation but saw no other option. Rifling through his bag, he pulled out a Berry Juice, prepared to serve it to her once she appeared from her ball. He would also need a bit of help getting the Budew out from there, as he was surely not going to be able to just lunge in and grab it. Horologie could surely help there. With his plan in place, he released Violette once again, who gave out a bit of a tired coo. Passing her the juice to drink, he began to explain his plan.

"Sorry, girl, for pulling you out again so soon, but we need your help. It's nothing too hard so I think you can manage! I'm going to set the incense we got from the Roserade Queen down over there," he said, pointing to an area a little ways away, "I want you to angle a suuuper gentle Icy Wind over the incense to blow its smoke and scent over the Sunflora without chilling them too much. While that's happening and they're distracted, Horologie, I want you to tug Budew out there with your Mindpower (Confusion). I'll be near the edge ready to catch her or tug her out if needed, but I'll need you to back me up if things go awry."

With the plan laid out, they all took positions, ready to pull the Budew to safety and take her to the nearby fountain for some triage A.S.A.P.

Originally Posted by Patches View Post
War of the Roses

Team Lilligant

Lucas – Horologie made it very clear that she was not happy about that uninvited slap and her tail nearly bit the man’s hand off but thankfully, she missed. Meanwhile, after carefully opening the cement covered envelope you stand there for a few moments trying to figure out the answer to this next riddle. Eventually, you reach your answer and immediately know of a place that fits the description, calling Horologie to follow. She goes to do just that but takes a moment to get a little bit of revenge on the way. The man’s clipboard flies out of his hands and onto the wet cement just as she planned. “They’re ruined!” A voice yells out behind you.

As you go back the way you came, you pass the fountain you once searched which appears to now be getting repairs as well as your teammate Rorik whose attention seems to be fixed on the man at work. Deciding not to bother them, you continue on and follow the gravel path that leads toward the tree that you believe is your answer. The path was just as straight forward as the other path you took that had led you to the wet cement. As you approach the tree you notice an envelope sitting on the ground in the open right next to it. You walk up to it and bend down to grab the envelope when suddenly, it disappears! You stand back up and see a Pansage carrying the envelope as it begins to climb the tree, little do you know, this Pansage did this exact same thing to your teammate earlier. Only this time, things go a little differently for the mischievous monkey. Half way up the trunk the Pansage lets out a small squeak of pain before immediately climbing back down to your level. It places the envelope back onto the ground and then sits directly on top it with tears in its eyes while staring at one of its hands. It would seem that the Pansage is now experiencing a splinter of its very own, all while using the envelope you need as a seat.

Please post your reply by September 3rd. Please continue to use the Pokemon you chose at the beginning of this round.
Lucas gave Horologie a bit of an annoyed look as the man pitched over into the cement, figuring the giraffe had something to do with his sudden splat into the prints. Either way, the pair proceeded to their next destination. It didn't take long once again for them to find the next clue - but this time, it was stolen before they could get to it! A sneaky Pansage managed to swipe it before they could even get their hands on it, scrambling up one of the splintery trees. However, it quickly gets a splinter in its foot and scrambles back down to sit on the envelope and whine about its injury.Feeling a little frustrated with this rigmarole, Lucas grumbled a bit as he turned to Horologie to give her some instructions on how to retrieve the next clue.

"I guess we'll need to help this little thief if we're going to get our next clue," Lucas concluded with a bit of disdain, "Why don't you try out your Mindpower (aka Confusion) once more and see i you can't pull that little bit of wood out of the monkey's foot? Try not to actually yank it around though, and watch the envelope. If you must, you can also try to yank it out with your teeth, but let's try the first method before that."

Lucas readied himself to retrieve the envelope as soon as he could, kneeling down to its level, or at least when the monkey would let him.

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