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Château du Roi Fou - Castle of the Mad King
Legends say that over a thousand years ago, Le Marécage Noir was a very different place - a vibrant land ruled by a gracious King from his extraordinary castle in the valleys to the north of the region. One dark day, the King suddenly became consumed with insatiable greed and gluttony. Ultimately, his envy consumed him, and his self-destruction became the catalyst of a great calamity that changed the course of Fizzby history. Now just a memory of an era long forgotten, the Castle of the Mad King has weathered the tests of time, offering sanctuary to Steel-types and some Dragon-type Pokemon - the latter of which they say are rarer, but are drawn to the Mad King's energy that still lingers to this day... Please reply in SteelBlue.

Jayson had set out for the Black Bayou as soon as he heard rumour of a castle that still stood in the valleys to the north of the region. Boudicca maintain a steady gallop, the Mudsdale wasn't the fastest but her stamina was unquestionable, she could hold this pace all day. Jayson was eager to get to the castle and the mysteries that it held. He wasn't exactly sure whether anyone still manned the castle or not, perhaps there would still be knights around. He would enjoy that, he was fond of the sword and would enjoy the opportunity to train and spar with proper knights, he might even be able to upgrade his own armour. He was also eager to encounter some new Pokemon, perhaps even a Dragon type. While he had plenty of experience with Steel types, he had only had a little experience with the exotic Dragon type.

Boudicca continued to thunder across the ground, the path through the valley was faded, it didn't seem to be well traveled, at least not anymore. The castle was soon in sight, the towering mass of stone stood out from the natural surrounds. Jayson slowed the Mudsdale down into a trot, he looked around for signs of people or Pokemon but nothing seemed to stand out. Atalanta the Dartrix, who had been napping atop Boudicca's head, ruffles her feathers as she wakes up to take in their new surroundings. The hair on the back of Jayson's neck was standing on end, something felt strange about this place, there was something in the air but he couldn't isolate what it was. He kept his hand on the pommel of his sword, just in case they were ambushed.

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