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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Teddiursa was a mess. His fur was sticky and covered in berry juice, and his cheeks were stained with tears. He helplessly prodded the now berryless picnic basket while squashed berries littered the grass around him. As Elka and Pascal finally caught up to him, Elka could see that his tears were genuine this time. Catching her breath, Elka’s expression softened out of pity for the distraught cub. Hoping to console the Teddiursa, she offered to help him by picking some new berries.

Upon hearing her offer, Teddiursa’s ears perked up. No translation was needed, as he looked up at Elka with big round eyes. Teddiursa sniffled and wiped his nose with his paw, revealing a smile in response to Elka’s kindness. He felt a little ashamed now; having run away from his rescuer. “Teddi?” he asked, wondering if Elka’s offer was for real. With a quick nod from Pascal to confirm, the cub happily grinned. He reached into his picnic basket and pulled out a pamphlet that was stuck on the inside of the container. Unfurling the pamphlet, Teddiursa held it out wide for Elka to see.

It was a travel guide from the Tourism Bureau of Galea Town. Most of the areas featured on the brochure included various areas of the foothills of the mountain, including the Rose Garden, best picnic areas of the Galea Plains, fishing spots along the Starline River, and hiking trails of the Cloud Forest. Last but not least, Teddiursa pointed to a specific area on the pamphlet. “Come visit Oran Orchard and partake in the berry harvest! While you’re there, enjoy a slice of Belue Berry Pie!” it read, showing a picture of a quaint farm and rows of bountiful berry trees. While it would be a short trek across the plains to get to the berry farm, this was clearly Elka’s best lead at acquiring some berries. What will she do?
Elka watched as the small bear pulled out some sort of pamphlet from the bottom of it's picnic basket, she had to assume that it was either resting at the bottom of the basket when the bear stole it or that the bear had simply found it. Elka wasn't positive that the bear could understand english, but it seemed to know that there were all sorts of berries at this Oran Orchard it wished to go to. Elka knew that it was absolutely her best option for getting berries for the young cub, letting a smile creep it's way across her face.

"You want to go there, huh? Well I don't see why not, we can do some berry picking of our own while we're there." She smiled at Pascal, who tried his best to explain that Elka would indeed come with the small bear to the Oran Orchard and help the little tyke get some berries of it's own. Pascal then glanced at the plains, his brown paws were also stained with berry juice from walking it the muck that the bear had accidentally sprayed about. He lifted a paw and licked it, tasting a tart and bitter substance from the purple berry juice that was now matting his fur. He looked towards Elka, who seemed to be looking around trying to figure out her best course of action to get to the Orchard. She knew that there were very few berries in the plains, but she also knew that walking was kind of a pain.

"Well, let's get going gang." She spoke, allowing Pascal to lead the way. The small Eevee stuck his nose to the air and attempted to sniff out the way to the farm, he picked up on some sort of strong sent of all sorts of blended berries and the smell of fresh pie. He looked towards his trainer and the Teddiursa and began to lead the way, forcing Elka to follow as she clung her dominant hand to his leash. He knew the bear would follow behind as well, those berries were really the only things that were keeping it around. He had to admit, he admired Elka's kindness. She had such a strong heart despite her weak legs, a heart of gold to say the least. She looked down at the Eevee and smiled, she loved when he took the lead so confidently.

"Alright Teddiursa, Pascal. To the Oran Orchard we go!" Elka stuck her arm in the air as if to cheer, and then quickened her pace upon her crutches.

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